Water Fed Pole Conversion Kit

I wanted to know if their is a disadvantage of using the conversion kit on the unger optiloc 30’ pole for $90 plus the kit, as opposed to lets say the sl-x 30’ pole system for $950. Can you clean the windows just the same? Will the unger optiloc hold up or will it collapse? Any input to the pros and cons would be greatly appreciated.

Also will the 30’ pole clean a three story building and possibly a four story?

Also I assume you can put any brush on these like a hog hair brush!

The main difference between the SLX and an Unger Opti-Loc is strength.
The SLX is carbon fiber and the Opti is just thin aluminum.
Weight is another factor. A 30’ Unger pole weighs around 6 lbs. The SLX is maybe half that.
There is nothing wrong with the starter kit. Its an inexpensive way to learn the ins and outs of wfp work.
As for reaching 4 stories… your gonna be a little short of that. Most 3 story windows can be reached though.

Alex said it all,… though personally I’d be more interested in the weight than strength. Working with a 6lb pole all day is hard work!
I use a 30’ converted carbon fibre fishing pole, it weighs less than 2lb and has changed the way I work.
The lighter, the better!

I am very interested in your fishing rod setup, whats the brand name of the fishing rod and model?

What would I have to do to make the conversion?

I am certainly interested in lighter weight and hopefully cheaper than the $950 poles as I want to try out WFP and save some money to buy the more expensive and extensive systems later on.

C’mon Nat - it weighs less than 2 lbs, what brush head are you using to get that weight?

On the UK forums I have heard of guys running with Unger teleplus set ups for years with no problems. I have one and it works fine. I use a hogs hair brush I got from RHG and love it. But I only use it for skylights on steep roofs and difficult to reach windows. I prefer to get close and personal and do most of my glass the old fashion way, face to the glass. My usage is limited so I do not want to put out the big money. Once in a while I will do a whole house with the my WFP if it’s a maintenance clean situation. If I start using my system more I would definitly upgrade.