Water-fed through screens

We have a several accounts where we WFP through the screen on double hungs. A couple are because the people do not want us inside their homes so we WFP the top panes and clean through the screen on the bottom pane and I assume the customer tilts the window in an touches up. All I know is they keep calling and the checks keep clearing the bank… we also have a couple accounts were shutters were installed and they block the window from being tilted in and the screen removed. We always set the expectation low with the customers… but they are all happy and its easy :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:


Most double hungs here are covered in a security screen which is riveted in place, I do use the windex outdoor, but is more about using the bottle to easily apply a solution rather than using their solution, I use a basic house wash solution on the screen and glass let it dwell for 2-5 mins and rinse off with tap water then after i have done all the screens rinse with pure water the same as normally sheeting the water down the glass.
Also if i have to do a house wash where the house has sliders and security screens 30% of the time i can get away with just this method

i certainly have done it and don’t usually get to see the results.
small awkward basement windows is the most common.
i just skipped a house because the customer wasn’t home and they had a few screen covered. when i called and suggested they take them out she said they weren’t too worried because those come out and can be washed from inside so i said i would wash down the screen for her.

I’ve done it a few times with okay results. I think the higher the pressure the better. And fan jets are a must.

Kyle how do you word that expectation to the customer…?

I tell them we will do everything we can do but I can’t guarantee they will clean up well, but we will hope for the best…people appreciate effort and honesty


Thanks Kyle that about the same way i would word it.

Just makes me feel weird leaving a dirty window behind a screen, maybe its just my OCD kickin in!

I guess if the customers fine with it and the check clears i should be fine with it to!

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i just experimented a bit. last year i bought some scotts outdoor cleaner to try for softwashing.
today i mixed plain water with the scott’s about 10-1 and added a couple drops of jet dry.
used a squirt bottle to apply to my not cleaned this year patio door and the results are quite impressive. no scrub no rinse.
not through screen but i think it has potential.

Try it through a screen (on one of not yet this year cleaned window) and see how it works, im curious… :wink:

in progress…

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this basement window has NEVER been washed before and i did nothing to brush or wipe it.
squirted 10% scott’s outdoor cleaner 90%water 2 drops jet dry from a ketchup bottle.
let it soak and then rinsed it of with hand pump srayer.
some improvement but lots of dirt left.
but the patio door which had not been washed this year came out very considering no scrubbing or squeegee at all

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I guess I should mention…
Might as well unhook the filters and just use straight water, at this point in the discussion. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing the results and pics.

Nope it didnt improve the “outlook” of the window behind the screen. :slight_smile:

If the upside down Security Company label slapped midway on their glass, didn’t bother them…
I’m betting they are cool with your efforts.