Water freezing on glass

I am a fairly new window cleaner. Today I went to do a small job it was 20 degrees out side. This is my first time cleaning glass below freezing. I couldn’t even begin to squeegee before there was ice all over the window. What can I do to prevent this.


You can add windshield wahser fluid, methanol, ethyl alcohol, or even isopropyl alcohol. Add it directly to your stripwasher or in your bucket of solution.

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For real, what Tony said will work.


I had a job the other day and I froze to the window…

Don’t lick the window!


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its weird, I used 3/4 container of -25 degree windshield washer fluid the other day with Dawn and 2 gallons of water, it was maybe 15-20 degrees out…still froze on the windows and squeegee.
Guess I need more than that.

Check out the latest weather or not w/ mr squeegee.

[QUOTE=puntadigital;25266]Move South !!!

For a short period of time, I resided in Texas. It was a warm beautiful day, I decided to clean the two front windows. While I was cleaning the first one, I noticed dark clouds were moving in quickly. I finished the first one, it came out lovely, moved the two feet to the next window, and began cleaning it. Before I could get the window cleaner off of the window, it had already frozen to the window. Weird, Weird, Weird weather in Texas.

Joie - CA

I made the stupid mistake yesterday of not adding something to the water before I started and froze about 3 or 4 windows. I thought it would be ok since I started on the warm side of the building and didn’t have any problems there but the cool side is a different story. I didn’t have any wwf w/ me but had a little bit of rv/marine antifreeze which is safe to use. I felt like an idiot especially because the one pane was the door and this froze all over the sidewalk, what a mess. Never had this happen before because I always add something when I even think its near freezing.

So it’s actually just plain windshield washer fluid that you guys use? Not a de-icer?

How does this product differ from automotive antifreeze?

What makes it safer?

Do you have an MSDS?

It’s the antifreeze they use in the plumbing lines and water tanks(potable water) and it says biodegradable on the bottle. It’s not antifreeze for a radiator. No MSDS, I didn’t use it because it might or might not be safer but for some reason I had a squirt bottle full of it in the back of my truck. I do use wwf usually though and decided to give this stuff a try, it all works about the same. I need to find a local race shop for methanol.

That’s the ticket!:wink:

Sherwin Williams stocks Methanol

That is correct. The Blue kind

My local SW wanted $22 per gallon. My race car supplier charged $3.50 per gallon.

Really I buy it all the time at SW 9.00 a gallon.

Shisters!!! :slight_smile:

The guy told me if I bought a 5 gallon bucket they would only charge $20 a gallon. I’ll just have to be happy getting it for less!:wink: