Water Softeners

I just put a 100 gal tank on my truck,and am in the process of setting up producing pure water out of my garage,I have hard water and want to set up a water softener what would be a good one to use?

Some California municipalities have water softener restrictions/bans.

What else do you plan on using to purify the water?

I have sediment, carbon, 4040 membrane with 4040 di

I have an Ionics set up. Maybee you can buy just their water softener cartrige and install it in your system. It is just a round tube about 3 feet long, filled with some sort of water softening resin and your supposed to recharge it every 8 hours of use with a flush of salt water.
I also have a 100 gallon tank on my truck with 2 pumps. It is by far the best way to go. In my area a lot of homes and businesses don’t have water outlets so the tank helps out a lot. I am also ready to go within a few minutes of pulling up to a job. I have a hose reel with 300’ of 1/4" low pressure braided line and that will get me around just about any house.

WCR can get you a 1cubic foot softener with brine tank. That should work for your application. this would come with a fleck head this is the easiest to use and in stall.

Why would one want to soften water before purifying it?

The Sodium or potassium simply serves to use of the filters. membranes or resins…yes?

the hardness will clog the membrane and lower production, and it will be almost impossible to clean.