Water Sources for Filling your Tank

I’ve been reading quite a bit about Pressure Washing and giving serious thought to adding this service into the mix. My biggest question is how can I lower my price for water (commercial jobs). Free would be optimal. I’m sure that in many instances I could tap into their water source (residential and commercial), but when that’s not an option I’m interested in lowering my cost.

You will find with residential 99% of the time you can tap right into the customers water with no issue. With commercial, you will be able to tap into the customers water some of the time.

If you’re leaning towards the commercial work have you started considering a trailer to bring your own water?

Thank you for the reply Chris. We’re planning on going the trailer route and will be carrying water to the job site. As you mentioned we’d love to be able to get a water source from the client to cut down on expenses. I was just curious if anybody had a tip on how to get cheap or free water to fill up a water container on a trailer.

Harvest rain water at your house.

This space for rent!

Gotcha, yea you will likely be able to fill up at a lot of locations. The real cost that comes into play is the increased wear on the vehicle and the gasoline from lugging extra weight around.

Living in Austin we’re into that kind of thing! I actually have a 2,000 gallon rain catcher attached to my house. Now I just need a pump to get it over to the water container on the trailer.

Indeed. I’m not really fired up about hauling water around, but we’re working on factoring this into our pricing. Even with diesel being fairly reasonable in Texas, my F-250 only gets 14 MPG on a good day. Add weight, wear and tear into the mix and my incurred costs will go up.