Water stain removal from rock floors

We have a rock floor in our art gallery. I will be wfp’ing the big 30’ exhibition windows next month. While the rock floor is wet, or anytime after, I want to get the big white water ring off it.

Is there a product that will just melt it off? The scrubber can’t get in all the crevices.
What would you do?

I’m not sure what the wax is on it now, but it’s either Plaza or JX 4000. I prefer the latter. As long as I have the room reserved, I may as well do the floor, too.

How would you get the white ring off the floor if the scrub doesn’t do it?
I should have got a picture while I was there, but wasn’t thinking about the floor. That was just inquired about from an associate.

Thank you for your time!

Check out the EaCo Chem site for rock-specific products.

I didn’t see anything for small rock, Larry.
I’m going to pass on doing anything to the floors. I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew.
Thank you, anyway.

i know its a little late to reply to this thread but figured i would anyway.
if you can go back and get a pic i can give you better advice. it could be a few things, one being effloresence. basicly what happens is moisture gets into the stone and as it evaporates or travels throught the stone, it carries minerals with it. it can be very difficult to get out. some methods involve a steel brush, which may scratch the stone, another is the use of an acidic cleaning solution (ph of 1-2) made for tile cleaning. the problem here is that the acid can etch the stone. also when using the acid (because its water) it can get into the stone and evaporate out and cause it again. sometimes using extremely low moisture and speed drying can solve it.

there are a few other things it could be, but a pic will help me help you.

You ask a question about the floor and post a pic of the windows…?