Water stains from pool sweep

I have a couple houses that have water stains from their pool sweeps. I cant get them off, I’ve tried CC550, scraping, buffing.

Has anybody had any luck getting these types of stains off without changing the glass?

Is the CC550, muriacic acid, phosphoric acid reacting? You tried steel/bronze wool? If silica, hydrofluoric acid or sodium hydroxide (lye). Have you tried OneRestore?
If this stuff won’t work it may need to be mechanical like a glass renu system. Pics would be great.


Is the pool a salt water or chlorine ?

Pool is chlorine. CC550 had no reaction on the glass at all. I’ll work on getting pics…

The weird thing is they are relatively smooth stains, not very much added squeegee drag?!

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machine polish with foam pad and cerium oxide will take it off…depending upon how long its been allowed to drip down the glass…it will etch it, creating an uneven surface…it’ll be clear, but at certain angles you may be able to see the faint drip lines and unevenness …then depending upon what the client wants and the cost of replacement…resurfacing will make it flat again…

This works ^^^with about 90% of Hard water staining situations,other 10% you need to get a little more aggressive.

what about machine polishing to smooth then treating with something like glass wax and buff out again?

I tried CC550 on another house yesterday that had sprinkler misting on lower windows and it didn’t react to that either?! I don’t get it… am I using it wrong (using it just like that old guy on youtube)? when should I use CC550.

honestly, I used CC550 once, and it does work on the right staining…high calcium and magnesium and maybe Iron, it works the same as One Restore, except One Restore is safer and less hazardous. From then on…if One Restore has done its job, then CC550 will not do anything more. Then its machine polishing after that. Silicate staining needs to be abraded off…silicate/silica is the essential composition of glass, which is why it is so hard to remove. I always seal the glass afterwards also, regardless if it will be hit again with water or not.


If you have tried this and it did not work

Then you need to do this

Then always end with this step.

after seeing the video of CC550, I got excited like REALLY excited… but so far hasn’t worked on anything, time to get the old buffer back out of the garage and in the trailer…

That’s a must, especially in our area…I’ve only had to sand glass 3 times due to water staining, one was a shower iinstall…one a pool sweep hit…and one a plate in a fountain…couple weeks ago I ooopsed and One Restored an Anderson slider with the exterior titanium dioxide coating…actually the first app did nothing, took off the HW stain real nice…ALMOST perfect…when I stopped back I saw a few spotting shadows up high-er and a little on the adjoining fixed pane…so I did an application on that one too…as well as the slider. When I rinsed and squeegee’d was when I realized they were coated. Cheese and Rice…it polished out, but not till after my blood pressure and heart rate went off the chart. I’ve done the house for years…and HW removal too…but only on the standard Millgard glass…totally forgot all the sliders were Anderson’s.


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Just like he said …

You and that pic…

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