Waterfed Pole Setup (Newbie)

Hello everyone. I really need somebody direction. I started my window business 1 month ago. I’m receiving a steady flow of work and want to Ass a waterfed pole into my business. I want to stay under $1000 until I can afford something of higher quality. In 2 weeks I have 2 huge homes in the wealthy part of town and I really need a pole setup to get me through it.

What would you guys recommend?

TDS ranges 114-148 in all areas around me.

unger hydro power and a $400-500 pole

They have very reasonable di tanks here along with poles

Some hose and your on your way for about 600$ not bad…

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…Dang, not sure just how to answer that question…


THanks for the quick reply’s. I was looking at the Unger and spending good money on a carbon fiber pole. I think I’ll decide between the two setups tonight. I can’t wait to “ass” the waterfed pole. :joy::joy:

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There carbon fiber poles by xero are reasonable as well . I also like gardiners clx poles and there priced reasonably. I own a hydro power di , it’s a good product along with being very portable,but the 179.00 Pre filled di tank is what I should have bought.

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Thanks for the info! See my next post…

Which would you guys choose?


I’ll get a 30’ Carbon fiber with this setup.



with a 30’ carbon fiber pole from xero.

Seems like I’ll get more gallons out of this prefilled tank.

The Xero I like the height when collapsed

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Going with the first one…

… If you can afford a little more, go carbon fiber. I had a clx for a couple of years, bought it for the affordable price, but got carbon fiber as soon as I could.

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