Hi guys my name is billy im from montreal got a small question about waterfed systems and poles… are all brushes the same … are some softer than others… Had a friend using the nlite unger and I found the brush too soft… Being that ive never used a waterfed sysyem can someone clear this up for me… also thinking of buying one that i would use on occasion… rarely that is… got a couple of places at 25 feet high. what do you guys think… thanx billy


Hey welcome Billy give this a read - http://shopwindowcleaner.com/guides/brushguide.pdf

Hi Billy,

Brushes are as varied as are squeegees for me. I have a dozen that I regularly use depending on differing factors. Example: environmental debris, frequency, temperature of water, height, etc…

Where are you located? If I need a hand for a big project you might be able to stop by and see how we do it.

Joshua Adriance
Pure Water Window Cleaning

from the laval area… i would be interseted in seeing this if time allows me… thanx