WC Soaps/Make Your Own!

Let the soap wars rage! I know I have said that before. But this time I really mean it. There are so many different products out there already I don’t think I’ll be doing damage to any manufacturer.

I will give you all the contacts to order different samples of pure syn-dets. Then tell you how to blend to get different effects.

Just tell me where you want to start. What do you want?


What I really want is to get bit by a radio active spider and get super powers. But I’ll settle for something that magically takes fingerprints off of restaurant windows. And is safe on tint.

I really liked “Speed 2” it is an eco-friendly nonionic surfactant/detergent. It worked great and tackled tough finger print ect, it also left a pretty good shine.

Hi Steve,

Speed 2 is lauramine oxide from the Stepan company. Their product name for it is Ammonyx LO. To buy it however you would need to buy from someone that buys from them in a 55 gallon drum at around a thousand bux a drum. I got samples. Anyone on this forum should be able to get up to 3 quarts as a sample by going to their samples page.


For solar panels. What will remove the bee pollen or bee poop? The yellow circles you see on the panels. Bird poop is no problem, but the bee stuff is tough as nails to remove. With a wfp and brush that is.

Dont worry about the tint! Give them my number and I will replace it.

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Hey Randy,

I used to have a Burger King way up in Lebanon NH a long time ago. It had horizontal windows. Mostly bird crud all over them. I had to scrub almost every one every time. They were done monthly. But you say bees are worse than birds. That is really bad.

I am currently working on a VGD issue focused on cleaning windows with abrasives. I,m getting samples in right now from different companys. Chris and Alex have an interesting plastic abrasive that when used correctly will knock off shotgun fungi. Those black nubs that stick like concrete. And dig off tree sap in a second. Finding ways to coat papers and cloths with this type of abrasive is key to solving this problem. Along with putting certain functionalyzed superabrasives right in our cleaning solution. As for WFP work on horizontal glass such as solar panels. This might require a special ‘brush’ that is coated in some way with a very special compositional abrasive particle. I should shoot Perry an email and see what he thinks. He is a wonderful innovator.