WC that refuses to use a pole

I had an expierence today. I had this WC doing some windows in a strip center that i was working in. I saw him pull up. Took him about 10 mins to get out of his car. Had a cigarette or 2 . Anyway. I watched him get out of his car. By this time i had already finished the job i was doing stood in line and got paid. Then i was loading my stuff up to head down to the other end of this strip, So I sat in my truck and watched him work for a few mins.
He pulled a bucket out of his car. Not a bucket with any soultion in it. He then pulled a 2 section stackable ladder out of his car walked it up to the business he was doing. Came back to his car puled his solution bucket out of the car. took that to the business. Walked back to his car and get a BOB put that on and then pulled on some gloves. 18 degf is a little on the cool side you might. This was literally a 10 min process.

Ok, now he is ready to wash some windows. he sets up his 2 section ladder for the outside of the job. MInd you it was about 18 deg at this point. He grabbed his applicator out of the bucket and proceeds to throw water (soultion) all over the ground. Can you say lawsuit. Anywho he then climbs up the ladder and washes some glass. I think that is what I would call it. I have never seen anyone do this before. Pulling side to side on a ladder outside doing regular 8ft high storefront work. I about spit my drink all over the inside of my truck. I could’nt handle watching him anymore , so i went on to my next job. Then I see him pull up next to my truck and watch me. Ok i had already done the outside of the job i was doing and about done with this job. It was only a small $15.00 job i was working on. So i get done get paid and come outside. Then he wants to chat with me. He proceeds to ask me why do I use a pole. I nicely explain to him that it is the easiest way to do uppers on windows. No need hauling a ladder around just to do a small job like this. He was astounded. He said pole work is for lazy ppl. He told me “real window cleaners” ladder everything. Better to get nose to glass.

All i could do is smile and tell him i had more work to do and i had to go.

Did i mention that there was only 7 pieces of glass on the job he was working on. Minumum of 25 mins from the time he pulled up to the job until he was done. He told me that he charged her $7 for this job. How can anyone make any money like that?


Probably has to have “noise to glass” because he can’t really see what he’s doing…

Judo chop that guy in the neck

I prefer ladders myself, but not for store front! A 8ft pole and a flipper turn a 30 min ladder job into a 5 min job… Then, I get paid…

On another note, I do use a 5 ft A frame ladder on this one doctors office I have. It has horizontal rectangle windows stacked one right above the other with about a 4 inch ledge around each. It’s a great account that I’ve kept at a very high price. I use the ladder mainly for wiping the frames and ledges really well.

I pretty much don’t use a ladder on any commercial…but my accounts don’t really call for it.

I agree w/ Matt. But, Matt it’s Judo flip or Karate chop. If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand times never mix your metaphors!:smiley:

was this his own gig or was he an employee of somebodys

Judo chop? Really?

do you also offer a customer service question card thingy?

If so…is there a question about:

Was your body ever ‘chopped’ via Judo or karate? or Were you ever slashed by a sword or nailed via numb chucks…how about those star-shaped metal dart things? Did your service provider wear black, finger-less glove-like, hooded, bow-and-arrow (BOAB) made of a soda bottle? And, if so, did he scale a brick wall to capture (so-to-speak) the dirt on any window?

I feel so last Tuesday.

wtf :slight_smile:

I think it’s the outfit!

Sometimes I use a lightweight 3’ folding stepladder, such as for 2 jobs in a strip mall that have 22" transom windows w/blinds inside. I use a little giant for a few commercial jobs too, but for regular visits I think it’s silly to not use a pole when you can.

I am sorry. I read matt’s “Judo chop that guy” post and loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooost it.

You have to imagine: Me, sitting on my bed…Mr. Murphy (My dog) right next to me…reading the funny/stupid ladder guy…then enter matt with that post.

You see, what you guys don’t know is how NOT well Sanchez was ‘poling’ yesterday.

he was gonna show me how to use the Contour pro set for 0* with slop in the axis (for rotation). The idea was “Why the Ettore is better than the Unger 0* for fanning on a pole”.

He sucked. Bad. So bad I have it on film. So bad that when “Matt” said what he said (Judo chop)…I laughed so hard I got dizzy.

Hijacking over.

Now, Eddib…tell Lenny The Ladder Guy to hump a tree. Then Judo chop him in the neck.

That is gonna be my new signature. Can someone send me a ‘chop’ for an avatar> :slight_smile:

I too lost it!
My daughter wanted to know what was wrong. How do you explain that to a 4 yr old? I don’t even know why it is so funny. Guess it’s just the perfect ridiculous solution to such a ridiculous person.

Larry I have to ask. Are those pictures of you when you were training? Also the big picture is screwed up. Why is the green belt beating up the black belt? I thought it was to be the other way around grasshopper.:smiley:

You’ll have to ask dan buczynski.

This guy runs his own business. I also forgot to mention that this guy was arguing with someone on his phone. Via bluetooth headset. That got me thinking today. WC’s that do stuff like this make all of us look bad. There is a misconception about WC’s as it is. For those of us that portray a professional company, we have to work extra hard to keep up that image.

Does that include WC’ers up on a roof cleaning gutters on either a 2- or 3-level home? :rolleyes:

I use a bluetooth headset just so people don’t think I’m talking to myself. It works sometimes.

I just talk to myself. when caught…I smile.

funny thing is thats probably true