WCBOM Issue #2 to be sold with subscription ONLY has of 5 pm!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that since Issue #2 of WCBOM has been flying off the shelf we have decided to remove the single issue from the store as of 5pm today. After 5 the only way to get Issue #2 will be to order a 6 issue subscription.

So get it while its available or even better [U]Get a Subscription[/U] and be one of the first to get Issue #3 when it ships!:wink:

To add to Kates message, we aren’t doing this to try and squeeze additional $ out of anyone… Its being done because we are actually almost out of issue #2 it sold so well. There aren’t many copies left… and we want to make sure those interested in a subscription get a copy.


Not sure if it is something you would like to share, but how many copies were printed?


Im gonna extend this actually for the rest of the day, Id like it to be fair to the west coasters… Forgot about the time difference…

That is great news. I figured with my picture on the cover, you would have boxes and boxes left over…

My customers and crew have been loving it.

Thanks once again!!!


I’m using mine to scare the neighborhood kids. :slight_smile: JK Charlie