WCR convention

I have come to the conclusion that WCR needs to have it’s own convention. Why you may ask? The reason is, I need a damn vacation already! It’s snowing here again today, Bill’s out plowing, I’m stuck in the house with 3 children and out of control dog, trying to pack to fly out to Cleveland tomorrow to bury my grandmother who passed away on Saturday and the phones ringing off the hook from people looking for donations, Thats why.

So, WCR should have a convention someplace warm and tropical, I don’t know say maybe St. Maarten, Anguilla? No kids, lots of booze, lots of sun, lots of laughs, no baked goods and it would be a great tax right off for the year! Anyone game? I can’t be alone on this!!

You are not alone.

I wish to ad .02. Having traveled for years to these tropic places such as the ones listed above…please allow me to suggest a resort here in the good ole US of A.

Hotel rooms close or on the beach and near a liquor store.

and (this is crucial) it is by INVITE only. No telling what ‘mods’ may feel welcomed when they are not.

We’d need a full weekend.

Nothing in the USA, we need guaranteed Tropical weather- Say ARUBA!! We’ll need a full week!!!

How about a WCR sponsored snow trip! We can all wear ACWC hoodies and slap WCR stickers on our boards…haha.

Mike you ride?

NOOOOOOOOOO!!! we need to get out of the snow!!

Let’s have it is So Cal

The iwca convention was in San Diego last year and it was freeeeeeezing. No on California!

How about in Montana, They just had 60" of snow in 6 days, gawd i love big sky country…

btw, the temp today was 74 and sunny

lets keep it in FL so we can all wear shorts and sleeveless shirts while making fun of really old people :smiley:

okay i don’t care where u r…wife beaters r never cool! no sleeveless shirts! if u do the really old people will make fun of u!

Sorry for your loss, Linda.

Alex / Sean please take note! This is an actual woman, telling you your normal everyday attire is no good.

Likely there will be such an event in the future. I personally would love to meet a lot of you. I would also propose a closed door Mastermind Marketing seminar perhaps including me and Kevin and a few other industry marketers. We can all discuss marketing issues, effective tactics and brainstorm ideas.

We could also set up other closed door groups for WFP, commercial and residential service providers to get together and discuss their specialty, improvements, ideas and get input from colleagues.

Of course we could have a general meet and greet and hear from speakers all through the industry.

Kinda like the IWCA convention with a twist.

oh, we will be getting the party started. To get a drunken table dance from Phil… there’s nothing quite like it.

Let me clarify that I mean anyone can participate in this, not just marketing nuts.

[QUOTE=CFP;27142 To get a drunken table dance from Phil… there’s nothing quite like it.[/QUOTE]

I like everything right up until this.

I fall off of tables. I’ll need a harness or something.

I do like the idea of a gathering though.

I too would like to offer my sincere condolences, Linda.