WCR DI Tank Not Working!

So I just got my two half cubic tanks from WCR, I got everything hooked up and checked the TDS from the house first which said 476 ppm. So then I run the water through the tank. The first tank comes out around 200ppm and the second tank comes out at 100ppm.

I thought it was supposed to come out at 000ppm on a new tank? And aren’t you supposed to change the tank when it hits 50ppm or less?

Please advise what I should do. Do you want to send me some tanks that work?

Are you using a prefilter? How long did you run the water thru the tank before you took the reading?

There is no prefilter just a DI tank from WCR. I ran the water for 10-20 mins and kept taking readings hoping that it would go down. the first tank went from 400 to 200 and the second from 200 to 100 within the fist ten min but at about 20 min there was no more change.

I’d try recalibrating your tds meter to make sure you’re getting an accurate reading.

I just got 2 brand new meters, I tried them both and got the same readings. Don’t you need some special oil to recalibrate?

Well its a good thing I bought some Virgin Resin. I poured out the resin that came with the two brand new tanks I bought from WCR and put in the new stuff and the readings on both tanks right away was 000ppm.

So WCR I hope you are going to reimburse me for the resin as the resin you put in the tanks are bunk. I have to say I love WCR and all they do but this is certainly a disappointment especially since I paid good money for this stuff. Not to mention that the tanks did not come with all the parts and I still have not received those from you and had to go else where to get the parts I needed!

I suspect that even with virgin resin, that you will only get a few hours of usage out of those tanks.

The resin just does not have the capacity to handle that TDS.

Of course we would be more than happy to reimburse you in any fashion you like. We could cut you a check today, you can take store credit or we could ship you some new resin… whatever option you prefer.

We actually dont put the resin in those tanks. They come pre filled, so we will look into that today. Either way we will contact you today and get the situation all fixed up for you.

With an input TDS so high you’d be mad not to use an RO. It’ll pay for itself within 6 months.

Mike, take it easy man. I dont mean any disrespect Mike with what I am going to say next so please dont be offended. If someone put on a public forum how they were upset because of a bad job on some windows you did, wouldnt you be alittle upset? Shouldnt the customer have called you first, or sent you an email not for public eyes so that you can fix the problem? If they did that, posted on a forum, that kinda makes you look bad on something that couldve been an honest mistake.

Also, the resin-even though it is virgin will only last about 12 hours here in San Diego. Then after that it will need to be re-charged. You can use the guy I told you about in one of the earlier posts or you can call me and I will give you the guys number again.

At 50ppm you are gonna have spotting. You should not let it get past 24 really, and I think THATS pushing it.

Once again, I aint trying to show you disrespect Mike. Be cool.

Mike were these half cube tanks? Maybe you should have ordered full cube tanks from WCR. Im out in OC/LA area and i get some pretty good mileage out of my tanks since i use full cubes

TDS should be ZERO!!!
24 is way too high,… anything over 5 is asking for trouble.

Solid post Tory and I agree. Perhaps a phone call would have been better suited to fix the issue. :slight_smile:

Looking on the bright side, new customers to WCR now see what kind of service they can expect. If something is wrong, Chris and Alex FIX IT!

//youtu.be/FIX IT - YouTube

I agree with all of you, I should have called. But I was stressed out and upset about the whole thing. I just spent a couple grand for all this WFP equipment and it just seemed like everything was not working out.

After all, coming on a site and trying to figure out all the pieces you need to put together a WFP setup when you have never seen one or used one is a little stressful.

There is no piece by piece list or instructions on what gos where. To spend a couple grand on equipment only to have missing pieces and parts that don’t work when you already don’t know what you are doing is upsetting.

I have had several companies flake out on me trying to get all the parts I need, from hose to hogs hair brushes.

I don’t have a few grand to waste. So you are all right, it was unprofessional of me and I apologize about that, but put yourself in my shoes and I think you will understand.

It can be stressfull sometimes. It does take a little bit of time and trial and error to get everything set up properly.

Do you have it set up now? Anything questions? Feel free to give me a call if you like.

Take a deep breath bro., I’ve been where you are. I had problems on top of problems when I put my system together but WCR has come through with flying colors every time. Two weeks ago I was five hours away from home in Cincinnati when a technician calls and says the WFP system had no pressure. He doesn’t know what to do and neither do I. I call Alex on his cell and he talks me through the steps to solve the problem, I relay the info. and the wfp is back up and running again in no time. That’s great service! It’s important to have a supplier you can lean on and WCR definitely wins that award hands down.

Once again no disrespect but, imho, maybe a little more research on the topic would have helped as well. When I first got into the wfp world I spent weeks on top of weeks researching different setups b-4 I built my own, and I still had problems. Just be glad you have chosen a solid supplier to back you up. It can be frustating when you are spending this kind of money and end up with unsatisfactory results.:slight_smile:

Call me up my man, and I will meet you and show you how to work everything!! You did right making the move with the WFP, you got a good set up, just be patient, you will make some good coin with it. Seriously, call me up, I will meet you at one of my jobs or yours and you can see how I do it, or show you on one of yours. Once you get it down, its really quite simple. (619)634-9580. Also, Micah already said to call him too, he knows alot more than I do on the subject too, so you may want to call him first, and then I can show you how to clean with it in person.