WCR Direct Mail Success ... time to join wcra

Once again anyone on the fence about direct mail or the usefulness of getting a WCRA membership… JUST DO IT! I said that as soon as I get a call back and make my money back on the mailers I would be joining WCRA. Got a call on a 1.3 million dollar residence in a gated community. This is untouched country for me and I have not done a single WC in this neighborhood.

Sent out 1,000 and got my first call back today. They JUST hit mailboxes so I am sure there are more to come. I have another 1,000 going out today to a different area. As you should know, direct mail only gets you so far. Now it’s on me to let the neighborhood know that I am there with good advertising on my vehicle.

Thanks WCR. You will be getting a new WCRA member today.

That’s great!
You’ve really proven you can keep it going even when the chips are down!

With your direct mail, did you buy a list, research addresses or just send out to postal resident in a zip code? Just curious because I sent out a targeted mailing list that I came up with using the tax records for my county. I was able to sort the value of the home by price and then mail people in a selected category. For example I just sent mailers out to 600k + homes, 500K and 400k and got calls the very next day because of my postcards. Already went out and gave estimates, and have jobs scheduled. So I was just curious as to which route you went when mailing.

You sent out 600,000 or 1,100,000 postcards? How much did that run you?

I just used the geo selector on directmail.com It is very easy to use and helps you target specific areas you have in mind. I targeted this particular area because most residence actually live in theyre homes on this ridge and they are all $1 million+ homes. You basically just draw on a map the area of the address you want and bam.

No, That was the value of the homes. $600,000 and up, $500,000-$600,000 and $400,000-$500,000. I was able to get 1,000 postcards out for about $300. Made that money up on the first job I landed.

Ok well that makes sense :slight_smile:

An even cheaper way to send post cards is to pick certain mail routes and have cards send to every house on that route. Can save you up too 10 cents a postcard

Good for you, Joe. Hopefully you’ll get a few more calls.

I have two question Direct mail?

!. do you need to to put address on it when you do routes?

  1. do you need permit when doing routes?

Good job! Another good way to let the neighbors know is to use door hangers. After your done with a job put them on the houses around the house you just did. We put one on each neighbor of the house and the three houses directly across the street. We have picked up much work like this. Good luck.

Here is what you need to know.