WCR Door Hangers - Anyone Had Good Responses/Feedback?

So I’m distributing my Spring flyers myself and am only able to get off about 1,000 per week without giving out. I’m considering purchasing a set of inline skates to double or even triple that number but that’s another story…

Once business starts to pick up here in the coming months, I won’t have any time to distribute my flyers as I’ll be on jobs (absolutely no complaints about that). Once my schedule is filled up for a week or two out, I’d like to do the following:

  1. Hire a Flyer Distribution Business to handle all of my marketing materials on the distribution end.

  2. Switch to 4.25"x11" sized Door Hangers for the type of marketing materials.

With all of that being said, I can either modify what my current flyer looks like

to fit onto a Door Hanger or use the templates that are available through the WCRA. I like the fact that there are many to choose from for each season so in the back of my mind, I’m thinking that putting out about 10,000 per month, cycling through different areas of my city, with different templates every month will create a massive presence in my market that doesn’t become stale or boring (as I don’t want to keep putting out the one I have all year long)

So here’s my question, guys: Has anyone had any success with the Door Hanger templates offered through WCRA? I know they haven’t tested them in the field but that they’re basically modified versions of the other marketing materials that have been tested to be a success. If you have used them, what kind of response rate have you gotten from them? What seasons? Are there any templates in particular that you favor specifically? Any details would help and are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

I had decent results with two fall door hangers.

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What kind of response have you got so far % wise? 1000 fliers distributed = this many calls___?

It took me about two weeks to put out approximately 1,000 of the above flyers which yielded 2 phone call, both of which I closed and can confidently say will be returning customers…

I was hoping for at least 0.005% response but only got 0.002 :frowning:

I speculate that there are three possible reasons for this.

  1. There was never website listed. Let’s face it; A business without a website isn’t a business (in today’s marketplace, at least) so maybe everyone that received my flyer pegged me as a Bucket Bob. Fortunately, I moved passed any and all fears/trepidations about building my own website and put one together just today for less than $35 to GoDaddy and about five hours of my time so this will not be an issue going forward…

  2. There was never any expiration date so there wasn’t a call to action so they either threw them away or are holding on to them for a later date. I’m always scared to put an expiration date on them for fear that I won’t get them all out in time, since I am the only one distributing them (Obviously this won’t be an issue once I can devote some regular cash flow toward a distribution service that can get large quantities out in a single day or week)…

  3. I’ve only put out 1K and that is too low of a number to start taking metrics seriously…

  1. the website looks good hopeful it will help you build confidence in the eyes of your potential customers.Make sure you put the website on your next set of fliers.

  2. Expiration dates you can put a date that say’s 4/1 don’t add the year like 4/1/14, so if for some reason you can’t get them all out this year at this time you can always use them next year.

  3. You are correct 1000 is hard to get a true % ROI. Make sure you hit the same neighborhoods at least 1x every 1-2 months to build customer awareness.

Sounds like your on the right path Frankie good luck this year!

PS…Be careful on the skates, Skateboards are way cooler!

Get a skateboard and raise your prices… And remember longboards are wrongboards

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And remember that skateboarding is not a crime…

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That’s a great idea about the expiration dates! I’ll have to use that one in the future… Hitting the same neighborhoods every month or two is exactly what I want to do, only with different marketing pieces to keep things fresh and interesting, hence my inquiry about the success of the various door hangers. I can’t afford EDDM at the moment and there’s only one “right” way to leave a door hanger whereas there are plenty of wrong ways to leave flyers. If I’m going to hire a distribution service, I have no idea how if their people are going to just lazily stuff the dang things in between the door or put it up with some blue painter’s tape, etc, you know? (It’s just that image-thing again that I’m concerned about) [MENTION=6741]wcs[/MENTION]

I went a different route with door hangers. No coupon = no expiration date. Just shows who I am and what I do.

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And I can’t figure out this longboard thing. Just strange to me. And to top it off it seems like everyone that rides them wears skinny jeans. Wtf?!

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I read somewhere about a 30 day plan on fliers…Where did I see that

The thread about trying to pass out at least 200 every day for 30 days?

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Here somewhere in some thread…

Never seen it, haha. Jk

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You read that in a wcr mag. It’s the one with the mail box on the cover. (Maybe a year or so ago)

@[U]wcs[/U] [URL=“http://shopwindowcleaner.com/windowpedia/2012/09/24/massive-actionmassive-results/”]Massive Action=Massive Results « Windowpedia

there it is, the point is just shoving 1k fliers out is not a good idea for a baseline IMO
Second IMO Most people in these parts come home, park in the garage and enter the house that way, who knows how long its going to be before they open front door, I know ours hardly ever gets used

Hey quit editing when Im trying to respond…:wink: I see you found it thanks for posting the link…now i remember reading it a while back!