WCR FREE T Shirt Offer!

Be the first window cleaner on your block to sport the super awesome limited edition Window Cleaning Resource T shirt!

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To get your FREE shirt all you have to do is put up a link to us on your website.


Simply Paste the 2 following snippets of code into your site.

<a href=“http://allcountywindowcleaning.com”>Window Cleaning New Jersey</a> -Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing NJ, Gutter Cleaning NJ<br>

<a href=“http://windowcleaner.com”>Window Cleaning Supplies </a> -Window Cleaning Tools, Window Cleaning message board, Window Cleaning Forum<br>
Step 2

Email Chris a link to your website so he can verify the links are up. At this point also give Chris the address you would like you FREE shirt shipped to.

Specify the type of shirt you want. You have 4 choices.

[I]Large New

XL New

Large pre worn by Mandy

XL pre worn by Mandy[/I]

Step 3

Sit at home and anxiously your shiny new FREE T shirt.

But Wait that’s not all!

Not only will you get you new t shirt shipped to you free of charge… But we will also put a link up for your website on BOTH of our websites.


http://www.windowcleaner.com/links <— Coming Very soon.

Not computer savvy but you still want to look rad in a Window Cleaning Resource T shirt??

You can get 1 here for $12 + Free Shipping!


We would really like to give you a free one though!

PS We will ship these anywhere in the world.



Does this count?


Actually, I guess not, since there’s no WCR link. Doh!


Kevin of anybody here I know you have the ability to kick up a wcr link in under 2 minutes.



Does that mean i get a T-Shirt?

You linking to us not only benefits us, it benefits you.

Is currently one of the top 10 most relevant Window Cleaning websites in the world. If you Google right now just the words window cleaning The ACWC website ranks 10th organically. That is pretty amazing for such a generic term. keep in mind that is not the Pay per click you may see at the top and on the right.

As we delve deeper into the future, our potential customers will more and more find us online. Traditional media such as news papers and phone books are dying. As we get farther into the future they will become more and more obsolete. Do something today and start establishing youplace online, before someone beats you to it.

Quote from Ross MacLeod

Get Other Sites to Link to Yours

Search engines track the number of incoming links to your site as a measure of your site’s relevance and popularity within your industry or subject matter.

[]Encourage those in your field to link to your site
]Encourage all others to link to your site

Hey Chris i did it did you get my email? If not the link is www.carolina-clean.com
Let me know.

Hey Man

I believe yes I did get yours. I ended up getting quite a few requests, they will all be processed on Monday.

Thanks for hooking it up!

hey chris i am new to PCs and have not got a clue how to do it but will try to link to your two sites ,ok will write back wghen its done.



Thanks Danny!

I remember you saying you built your site from that wet paint site. Right underneath where you typed in your details just copy in the code (literally just highlight hit copy and paste)

Then publish it and you will be good to go.

Ok the first round of Plain and Mandy T shirts shipped out today!

Everyone that linked up with us not only got there shirt but they were he first to be linked up in our new super links directory:


This link directory will in the near future tie directly into our FREE Leads service.

Also, if you need help with either placing our link on your website or help writing the code for a link on my site that will benefit you in Google search results just let me know, I would be willing to help with both!

If you have a website you cannot afford to not do this.

Thanks everyone!

Got my shirt today. Looks good. Why does it smell so good lol?

did it. usi-ww.com under about us.

Thanks for that Josh.

The link program continues! We have plenty more shirts for anyone who hasnt had a chance to link up yet. Oh and of course it will boost your seo rankings quickly.

Both ACWC, and WCR rank on the first page of google for the term “window cleaning”

And this program has expired! Thanks everyone…