WCR History

So its been about a 9-10 Months sense Alex and I started brainstorming WCR and thinking about creating a company. I have been sorting through some pictures this past week and I came across our first logo concept I sketched out. As you can see attached the original concept resembles the more refined version we have today.

I had a dream a few years ago that I would create 4 great companies in my life time. I cant imagine doing anything other than the WCR project though. I have been having so much fun doing this and its been a great learning experience. Its been a tough road hooking up with all the manufactures and managing the websites but we almost have it all figured out.

Alex and I plan to have everything stocked in the store by our 1 year aniversary.

What do you mean everything Chris?

I mean everything. Every single item a proffesional window cleaner would want or need. Currently we are about 20% stocked… So the next few months are going to be super busy for us. We plan to offer the largest selection with the best prices in the world.

I just wanted to take this moment to thank everybody for there support so far. WCR isnt anything with out the community that particapates here everyday. So from Alex and I, thank you for your continued support and for making WCR great.

Chris. The site is great. I didn’t even know we needed an alternative to NWCD, but when you came up with this site, it’s a very professional, good forum. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of buying from you, but perhaps in the future.

What do you mean everything?


And when is the grand announcement coming?

We will never ever carry Sorbo. We are done with Sorbo. I will break every single Sorbo I get my hands on. :smiley:


I have made a couple of purchases and the customer support has been great. Just because one orders through the store site doesn’t mean you can’t contact Chris or Alex direct for assistance. These are two stand up guys on the inter-globe. :wink:

Thanks Mark!

We mean everything… Everything BUT SORBO… Sorbo is dead to us. There is a Sorbo product killer on the horizon.

And as Mark said you can call us anytime. Actually thats how 54% of people order. They just call us up and place it right over the phone. Our main # and my personal cell are in my signature. ANYONE is welcome to call me at ANYTIME.

What was the breaking point. Did Mr Samuelsohn threaten to send the Sweedish mob to shut you up?

Personally I think is overrated, like Starbucks, Mac’s, and Obama :wink:

I can’t find one extra dollar in my bank account that was made because I owned a tool.

I’m curious though Chris, no more at ACWC either?

Alex and i were talking today and he said to me " what you do if called today and said OK you can carry my products"

We both just said eghh screw em weve had enough. Were done begging and pleading. We can do this with out him.

makes me work faster. Especially the 30 inch

Nope… once were out of his rubber the ACWC squeegees get recycled for aluminum scrap <-- Per Mike P

What is the Killer???
Are you guys coming up with your own line of products?

first bent over my knee… then scrapped

Chris and Alex, best WC website out man. You guys put out so much for all of us to take in learn. Thanks so much for all you guys do.

Our pleasure. We do it with a smile. I love my job, window cleaning and window cleaners. This is so much fun to me!

Cant say yet Matt…

I just hope to be instrumental in the downfall of his product line. I intend to kick the doors off the old boys club and change the industry.

This thread wasn’t started to talk about Sorbo again. Im sorry it spiraled that way. It was just more of a thank you to everyone that participates here.

Sell them on Ebay instead? Maybe price the whole lot.

Thanks for the site guys. Too many good things to list about it.

As for the … put em in your store! Not that I would buy them…

If you are thru with, why are you still telling people to sign the petition?

Because I want it to live on for ever. And I forgot to take it out of my signature.

How much did Canada Customs charge you? How much did you get dinged on the credit card for the conversion rate?