WCR Member Exclusive: Make More $$$

Be prepared for the release of my overhauled ebook at my website launch.

Unlike anything you ever read…


Hope it works out for you, Paul!

I might just have to pick up a copy myself.


Thanks Kevin!

All right Paul, I’ll bite. Let me in on the deal. But before you go thinking that I am going to abandon all current marketing methods and business advice from other sources, I’ll buy your e-book with the hopes that it will help and inspire so much for me. But if it doesn’t work, I have only spent $79 to know what not to do!

It actually is a perfect companion to Kevin’s book. Everyone should get both.

I would like to add… Paul does the majority of my window cleaning business marketing creation.

Everything from writing the copy to our DM pieces, to re wording our website, to writing our phone book ads.

He is good at what he does and I would recommend his services to anyone.

after 2009, everyone will know :wink:

Damn am I excited for ACWC this year!

Sorry Paul, I didn’t mean to step on your toes there. I was just saying that $79 is a good deal for any advice in this industry, good or bad. I am looking forward to making improvements. I have Kevin’s book, and MANY others too. I do want you to think that I depend on one singular strategist for my business direction. I have many. I am looking forward to 2009 as well, thanks to many folks on this site.

Just as a side note, I’d like to thank some people for helping me this year:

Dwight Rowe, Seth, Punta (Carlos), Larry, Louie, and so many others I am forgetting, Thanks for the encouragement and ideas you all bring to the table here at WCR. Through questions, ideas, and sometimes sarcasm, you all make me think about things more than I ever have, and in different views than my own. You have fostered the third person in my thoughts.

Paul (CFP), Kevin, Doug and others, Thanks for the marketing advice and strategies. I think that you bring a spice to this little game that I play with my business. It’s called success. I would have gone down so many wrong roads as a newby in the biz if it weren’t for listening to all you’ve had to say.

Chris and Alex: Thanks for this awesome place. WCR is my homepage when I open the internet browser. Not even my own email gets that priviledge. You have created a place for no names to learn from the best in the business, just you like you guys.

To every one else that I am forgetting, thanks for you opinions, ideas, thoughts, methods, and questions. You are making us all better.

Sorry for the long post, but I feel that these folks deserve to know my appreciation for them.

Thanks to all.

You’re welcome.

I love you too Bert :slight_smile:

Any samplings of the workbook to wet my appetite with?

Hi Dwight, thanks for asking. I’ll try to get something posted in the next few days.

Reading Paul’s posts here and on NWCD, along with Chris’ past endorsements, was enough for me!

I’d probably buy this, but the last time I requested something that CFP was offering he told me to “go to h***.” I’m not sure if he’ll be covering that specific marketing strategy in this particular manual or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

To be fair, shouldn’t you provide some historical context for the 1,300+ readers here, Steve?

Well Steve, you were a little bit of a jerk at that time (as I surely have been in the past)

Please, do not go to hell :smiley:

You’d have to ask CFP that. He offered some tidbit free here on the board to those who requested it by sending him an email [if I remember correctly]. I sent him my e-mail address request and he blatantly ignored me. When I asked about it I was told that I was not eligible [in so many words]. He never specified why but I speculate it is because of ______________________ Anyway you have to ask him.

Really? Do tell, what made me a jerk? Because I dared question you from time to time? If that’s the case there are a lot of “jerks” here.

I don’t have any problem with your ideas per se but I don’t know why someone would alienate so many people with such attitude and then try to market to those same people.

Just because Chris has a picture of you above his bed, doesn’t mean that I’m going blindly along with everything you say.

Good luck with your workbook Paul, I hope it does great for you and I am sincere when I say that.

… that’s why i love ya Steve

If you think Chris is digging that pic of me over his bed now, wait until I am ripped!