WCR Members, READ!

Ok, where to start???

I purchased a Gardiner pole from CBA window cleaning supplies. I bought this pole for a flippin massive job and was led to buy this pole by one of my best friends. I honestly wanted a Extel 65ft pole, but my buddy insisted I purchase this pole instead…and Im very very glad I did…now.

I often purchase things from CBA window cleaning supplies that WCR doesn’t carry or if they’re having a massive sale on some stuff. CBA will never get my business ever again.
when I got my pole they didn’t give me any instructions and no lube for the pole…WHICH resulted in pole #4 and #5 getting stuck together after 3 hours on the job. After a 10 hour solid day with this pole it’s now time to break down…but I can’t get it. Me and my buddy can’t get it to budge! We looked like 2 old me with bad arthritis after we done trying to pull it apart for like an hour

Sooo I called Chirs, Mike Draper and Shawn (Reach Higher Ground). they all were more then helpful…(I missed your call Mike, I’ll call you Friday ;))
we tried everything…I mean everything.

Some people may say, “well what were you doing with the pole for it to get stuck?” freaking cleaning windows!!! not pole vaulting!

But there is more to this story. CBA sold these pole at a super discounted rate without instructions or lube for a reason. (can’t tell all the story, but a watered down version will do)
Ya see Shawn (Reach Higher Ground) is the exclusive distributor of this pole in the USA. *** wanted buyers to experience massive problems with these poles so it would cripple Shawn’s sales…really they wanted to make the pole that Shawn sells look like a POS!
Well it worked for a moment. I got so mad at my pole when it got stuck…I wanted to break it!
CBA is nothing more then a dirty liar. they are playing some filthy games!

CBA was out to get Shawn and the product he sold.
who wants to buy from a company that plays dirty? not me, nor should people with morals.

Now, Shawn went completely out of his way to help me. He didn’t sell me the pole, so why give a flying flip about my problem??? BECAUSE he’s a stand up guy with a stand up company!!!
He was willing to provide assistance in any area i needed help with even when he didn’t make the pole sale with me.
So Shawn, thanks dude for all the help!

if you are getting in the WFP, you need to purchase a Gardiner.

There are two things I want people to get out of this.

  1. CBA is a rotten place.
  2. Reach Higher Ground sells the best poles around, PLUS it’s just a stand up company overall.

After two 10hour days with this pole, i’m in love. I really do want to make love to this pole…not a joke.

OHHH!!! I finally got #4 and #5 off by using penetrating oil and letting it soak on the inside of the pole locks, then I used a heat gun. after 12mins of dancing like an indian trying to pull it off, it worked!

I’ve got more details of anyone ever get them stuck.

Thanks and no thanks for the info. sounds like you were able to get out of a sticky situation and get into another.

It’s always nice to hear great feedback. I like to hear about companies that help with things like this, it makes me more comfortable buying from them. I like to shop with humans and not computers or slime balls. thanks for the heads up

Glad it worked out for you. I really felt your pain yesterday.

CBA is a big slim ball company…hopefully people learn from this situation i had.

Dude…i was ready to fight! but a heat gun saved the day.

well 1st of all, you get what you pay for, plus i purchased a Gard, slx.

that pole is very cheap, but what do you expect it is only $850.00

I now have the Extel 45’ carbon fiber, no need for oil or anything.

btw, i buy all my poles from Shawn Gavin(Reach Higher Ground)

You ain’t telling me anything I didn’t already know.

I bought my Gardiner from Shawn. He is the best.

I will never do business with *** again (it’s been a long time anyway.)

Shawn is the real deal. A genuine friend to every window cleaner out there not just a guy trying to make a buck. He a credit to the industry.
Chris and Alex are also tops in their field. Between these companies a window cleaner has an arsenal of knowledge and help right at his fingertips.
Keep up the good work RHG and WCR!!

I’m talking about the $2100, 56ft pole…doesn’t sounds cheap.
it doesn’t matter if you buy Coke at walmart for $2.50 or the Dollar Store for $.99, it’s the same product. I happened to get the same product from another supplier who had malicious intentions


That is the most I have laughed on a forum yet

Maybe I am just tired but that was hilarious

It is so weird to find out these things about suppliers and associations. Why some of them have such dark agendas I don’t know.

Where’s the money back guarantee? :eek:


Where’s the money back guarantee? :eek:[/QUOTE]

Ahhhhhh!!! Hahahaha
That was funny!!!

Maybe I should cry about it

No guarantee… then I would definately contact them to let them know where I would like to stick the pole, every extended inch of it.

“after 12mins of dancing like an indian trying to pull it off, it worked!”

I’d love to see video of that!!!

so, you bought the pole for $2100.00 and Shawn has it for the same price?

Why would you buy something at that price from a company that you do not know(who has no warranty)

thats like doing your taxes with a cpa who you have known forever, then you fire the cpa and go with another cpa, who ****s you over backwards and dry. and not giving you the legal detuctions that your current cpa did.

just telling you the truth brother.

Sorry. I didn’t give exact details. The pole normally sells for $2100. CBA discounted it to $1100 for some reaons mentioned in the story.

But you’re right about that if the pole was the same.
Judo chop that CPA! Hahaha


here’s a pic of that job with my new Fav pole

I just bought a super-lite pole too Matt. Now it’s time to make it make me money!

haha…yeah…the only thing I’m gonna change with this pole is the wussy flow rate and probably the head…other then that I’m satisfied

WHat kind of penetrating oil did you use? I just got my gardiner stuck at sections 4 and 5 too.

WOW! Thanks for the feedback.