WCR Members, READ!

Were the sections pre-treated? Are you twisting in the proper direction?

Sorry, I don’t have info regarding penetrating oil. Have you contacted the party from which you made the purchase, or Shawn Gavin at Reach Higher Ground?

Prior to initial use of my Gardiner SL-56 pole, I pretreated with PTFE and naval jelly per instructions. I then assembled and placed a “stop” with electrical tape wrap where sections fit together, to prevent them for pushing too tightly together. BTW, I did place labels on sections 7 thru 10 to help identify.

Don’t forget as the sections wear, the tape can be moved down a touch to stop spinning, but not to much as to stick.

Man, am I dense or what?
I’m looking up CBA since I’d never heard of them! It took me awhile.
That company’s subtle and sometimes not so subtle tactics are kind of nauseating. i.e. “REACH HIGH, PAY LOW”

That is the hackiest thing I have heard from them.

you got the pole for that price and the problem you had was fusion?
not having the directions is one thing but a 1000$ discount is another

I have the same pole and eliminated sections 1 through 4 and only deal with the rest of them,and works like a charm from 6’ up to 60’

It was “dirty pool.”

How does that work – section 1 holds the gooseneck?

The electrical tape stop or “buffer” will also help prevent modular poles from joint wear.

CBA was trying to discredit the pole since they were not the North American distributor. It was an attempt to sabotage RHG.

I would expect nothing less from Shawn, hes a good guy.