WCR Nation archives

where is the link to the WCR Nation past episodes. Didnt it used to be on the main page?

Remember the recent snafu/brouhaha?

no wah happin?

Dude you missed it. It was a pretty good roller coaster. Kinda fun if you ask me. Um, I will leave out the details. Probably best for someone else to tell the story in a PM.

I seriously didn’t know the videos got taken down either, that’s saddenig. will they go up on youtube?

I was pretty new here when i saw my first one. didn’t have the time to watch them all and now I regret not making the time. Maybe a secret link for the videos? I understand why they were removed but there were some of us that liked them. hidden link or private URL??? I really want to watch them.

yeah I’ve only seen like 8 of em and parts of others, I wanna see the rest too!

I should add, I for one like the new slightly toned down live version better, but i still quite liked the old ones.

the live ones are fun. interaction and straight improve make for a good time


I can’t get the videos to start.

You do know that Chris was kidding when he said I was in charge, right?

He said it and that means if something doesn’t work it’s your fault. So come on Larry fix the problem already.:stuck_out_tongue:

We will be re releasing the archives very soon.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh and in case I forgot to say it thank you!