WCR on the Iphone or Ipod Touch


  1. [/B]Go to your website in Safari on your iPhone or iPod Touch
    2. Tap the Plus Icon at the bottom of Safari

3. Click “Add to Home Screen”

4. Give it a name - This name will appear under the icon on the iPhone & iPod Touch Home Screen.

Click “The Add Button”

Your icon is now showing up on the home screen with the name we gave it. Just tap it for instant access to your favorite website WCR!

on my phone it goes!

Awesome! Howd you get such a clear pic?

if you hold the “home” button and “sleep” button at the same time for a sec you’ll hear a Picture sound, your Iphone has just taken a picture of the entire screen…comes is handy

It doesn’t work on my ipod touch. When I press the + key in Safari the only options are “add bookmark” and “cancel”

Just added this to my Iphone. Now this is cool!!


Just added this to my screen as well thanks for the instructions.
have fun at the convention boys.