WCR Site Design Change

Im going to be changing the site up a bit this week. Im aiming to make it load faster and be more user friendly.

So what do you guys think? Is there anything specific you want changed? Do you want to see anything different?

What can we at WCR do better to serve you?

Blast away, you wont hurt my feelings.

The WCR banner is way too long at the top. Stick some click-able links in it for nation, shop, news etc.

This part?

Put the site navigation buttons in the “field of dreams” from the forum page.

you lost me? please elaborate Mr Robinson.

I think he wants the navigation buttons to line the picket fence.

We have sync. :wink:

ahh gotcha

I’d like all links to the WCR Store to open in a new window (like it does if I click on a product category from the Home Page.)

When I click on an in-thread advertisement or the WCR Store link (at the Home Page), it opens in my current window.

Or, is this a setting I can change on my profile?

I like the change so far today.

the navigation buttons on the front page are all individual. Change to all the same button and add in the text on top. That way you are only loading one button that is repeated, and the table takes care of the text which loads fast anyways. Also try to reduce the size of the quality of the button and it will load faster

Ed you are talking about the very top buttons?

although not a big deal it will speed it up somewhat. The images also get stored better so the next upload is faster as well. Seeing as this loads on every page it will make a difference.
Another difference is the fact that you will reduce bandwidth traffic on your server location. So less costly for you.