WCR Vacation

All the WCR staff members (except Bill) are headed to AC for the weekend. If anyone in the area wants to meet up with us give my cell a ring, we will be at the Borgota. And yes Mandy will be there.

Larry is in charge while we are gone, have a good weekend everybody!

Dibs on being in charge for your next vacation!:smiley: Have a great time.

Free Sparks for everyone!!!

Dibs on the yogurt!

Dibs on Mandy.

She’ll be in AC, you dog!

Oh oh oh … I forgot to mention … if Larry is at the fugazi show… Karl is next in line then Bill… then I guess Linda after that.

My Morning Jacket @ the Berkeley Greek next weekend.

dumb question…where is ac? What does ac stand for?

Atlantic City, New Jersey aka AC.

Fugazi show?

When!? Where!? How!?

You’re cruel, Chris.

Sorry Thad, none that I know off. But if there was one I would travel pretty far to see them.

So who was the big winner, or loser?

You know how it goes… We were all up…and all left down. :frowning:

Thought about cleaning it…

Instead I just sat under it.

I would pick you up on the way.
I saw them on their first tour and never got to see them since.

Man, you never hear about those guys anymore

Those are some awesome pics Alex! How big is that place? Did you meet the wcers?

They haven’t played for 5 or 6 years.

I remember Ian MacKaye worked with Kevin (7) Seconds and Bikini Kill years ago.

I heard MacKaye toured with The Evens (Amy Farina) last year.

I loves me some Fugazi! Gimme some Minor Threat!