WCRA member customer appreciation week!

Starting right NOW until Friday WCRA members will receive 10% off anything in the shop WCR Store (instead of the normal 5%):

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Its all set up, you wont need a coupon code or anything like that… You just need to be sure your logged in.

This is a great opportunity to get stocked up for spring and save big.


  • Not valid on printing services
  • Must be purchased directly from the WCR Store - Not through one of our sales affiliates.

Get in touch if we can help! - 1-862-266-0677

RUBBERS! !!! Thanks

Perfect time to stock up.

Would that include say the JFlint Kit?

It would in fact… Everything qualifies except printing.

Ain’t that always the way. That’s what I get for being responsible and ordering my stuff last week, instead of waiting til the last minute. :expressionless:

Im sorry about that it was a last minute promo we put together. What day was your order on? Ill se what I can do for you.

Nah you’re good. I think I ordered wed or something last week.

Im happy to see many WCRA members taking advantage of this great opportunity to stock up.

Thanks for the promo. Chris, but spending on postcards, belts and a tensioner on my van, and more Primus tickets right now.

Hey Larry did you get one of the posters from the Reno show? They looked really nice.

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Mine is #131 of 150, signed by Zoltron. They’re starting to stack up for framing…

Nice, get those in frames, otherwise your heading into hoarder country.

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What do these things look like?

My first show last Fall after my “tumble”

Nye 2010-11

Nye 2011-12

Thanks for the promo!

seems I am doing something wrong. I tried to get the 35’ ettore WFP and the 1cf DI with some rubbers and stuff but it wont give the 10%off? I did try to log in but it would not let me I assume cause I have never ordered from the store. I then registered but still no go? tried to P.M. ya but my post count is to low…lmao
oh well I should prolly read up some before I jump right in and spend a grand…lol