WCRA Show Special

We had a WCRA membership special going on for the IWCA show. We are extending that for this weekend only. Save $50 bucks and join now: WCRA Membership $50 Off Today


Final day

I got a Lite membership and wanted to get set up with the full membership. Would I be able to take advantage the promotion and purchase now?

Yep you can do that @katewcr

Will jump in and help you out.

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Is there a link I should go to or should I contact Kate?

Either or is fine give us a ring or we will call you tomm morning.

I used to live in savannah GA I know we are on a two hour time difference Id rather not bother Kate or you at 10 at nite, I think tomorrow would work better for both of us.

Hey Scott, this will be something ill have to help you out with over the phone so Ill give you a call later today if i don’t hear from you sooner!