How does this benefit me? I know there are so many different answers to this but maybe you could name a few?:wink:

You’d more save far more than the cost of membership in supplies, equipment and vendor discounts.

Everything else is (valuable) gravy.

If we can make an investment with a guaranteed return, what other reasons do we need?

If you take advantage of all the WCRA has to offer, your business cannot help but grow. The fliers, door hangers and post cards that are offered to members have all been proven in the field to earn at least $100,000 in revenue before they were ever released to us to use. The at cost printing for these materials will save you the cost of the membership alone, as well as the discounts on supplied at WCR and the exchange of information on the private members only part of the forum is so valuable, I cannot put a price on it. Bottom line, if you are serious about window cleaning as a business, then you owe it to yourself to do it.

Here’s a link to a post I made in July 2011. I stand behind what I said then 10000%. As you can see, I’m a WCRA Year 3 member, and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. I’ll be a WCRA member as long as I own any kind of service business.


for someone that is just starting out, should they choose monthly or pay in full? seems like for economic reasons, it would make sense to join monthly and get some of the perks to increase business until able to pay for a full year. seems like the cost is the issue for many. im looking at both options to see what best fits my needs at this time. at this moment, my needs are to get that first run of door hangers out and i need proven winners, haha. i do plan on getting a full year, just have to see how this drunk driver business is going to pan out over the next week or two. his insurance company is trying to fight it, even though this is his THIRD offense, he failed the roadside MISERABLY, told the cop to get the flashlight out of his face, his friends told me AND the witnesses that they tried to get him to let one of them drive him home from the bar, but he refused, so they followed him. he also refused to blow, which in louisiana only helps convict you. on top of that, my hp craptop crashed last week and now i have to replace it.

So Im not going to go into a long winded explanation of the WCRA and the many benefits ( believe me I have a lot to say on this) because I can see already from the responses that current members are more then happy to tel you how its has helped them. But I will say that some of benefits outside of the store discount and marketing materials really add to the business building package that si the WCRA.

One of my favorites is the At Cost Printing, Members get to have whatever they want printed through us at a killer discount. I just had someone print 500 business cards for like $6, its was crazy.

In addition the members private forum area is blowing up with so many great discussions that this is fast becoming a major assest to the membership.

Also my favorite benefit for the members is the free version of Responsibid you get access to! We have had so many members alreayd jumping to take advantage of this offer.

But like I said I can keep going on about this so if anyone has an questions feel free to call, email, pm me, or ask on this thread. Im happy to answer!

… Only you can answer that. Go to the WCRA benefits page, look it over and see how much of it you could use.
Lots to choose from but only you can decide what is of benefit to you.

I am not a member yet but i can see from what i have looked at and asked other members, thats its a great investment. the benifits are what you make of them. from what i can tell you will get your investment back rather quickly if you use the benefits offered to you.

i just joined…