We Have Gone Green!

Our company has eliminated our carbon footprint by utilizing OLD technology for transportation to and from jobs. We hope you’ll consider a similar approach…

Now that’s determination if I ever saw it. Really cool!

Great photo!
Is that Gas Town?

Hilariously good Steve! Just about spit coffee thru my nose!

I’m not sure. We haven’t figured out where to mount the GPS yet.

Is that legal??

You need to get that ladder lettered. Valueable advertizing space there.

Yeah, Where’s the little red safety flag at the back?

And you’re missing a few question marks, Karlos. Have you learned nothing from Doug?

Is Doug the question mark king ??? :confused:

Does Seth eat bacon in the woods?

and…if he did alone, would anyone hear him?

One of those storm trooper costume-wearing geeks playing war games, no doubt.

Did somebody say, bacon???!?