We have upgraded!

OK we have upgraded to a new version of V Bulletin today. Aesthetically there really isn’t much change, but there is some neat behind the scenes changes.

Allot of it has to do with spam prevention tools and things like that. But a portion of it is user experience. Here are a hand full of the new changes:

[B][SIZE=3]Thread Tagging[/SIZE][/B]

A new way to facilitate searching and grouping of threads, it is now possible for users to add tags to threads they post or read.

Tags can be added when creating a new thread, or to an existing thread by any user (with appropriate permissions).

Any users who then click on these tags will not only find all thread that have the same tag as the one clicked, but will also contribute to the building of a search tag cloud, which gives users a quick guide as to what has been searched for recently and most frequently.

[B][SIZE=3]Reciprocal Friendships Between Users[/SIZE][/B]

As part of our new social networking system, users can now request that people on their buddy list confirm their friendship, after which time a person’s list of confirmed friends will be viewable to other users.

[B][SIZE=3]Public Messaging[/SIZE][/B]

While private messages between users have been in vBulletin since version 2.0, vBulletin 3.7 introduces the public messaging system, allowing users to communicate publicly via their profile pages.

			  			 		 		 		 	   	 	 		 	  		  		  		 		[B][SIZE=3]User Picture Galleries[/SIZE][/B]

vBulletin users can now create albums and upload pictures to their account.

[B][SIZE=3]User-Created Social Groups[/SIZE][/B]

To further social cohesion between users and to encourage people to make friends, vBulletin now includes a facility to allow users to create their own social/interest groups.

[B]New Member Profile Page[/B]

In order to accomodate all the new features in vBulletin 3.7, the member profile page has been completely redesigned from the ground up.

The new page presents information in a far cleaner and more logical manner, while dividing up information into manageable chunks using a tabbed interface.

Individual profile field categories can be displayed alone in blocks in the right column, in addition to appearing by default in the ‘About Me’ tab.

	 		 		 	   	 	 		 	  		  		  		 		[B][SIZE=3]Member Customization of Profile Page[/SIZE][/B]

The administrator may choose to allow his members to use the profile page customization tool, which allows users to alter fonts, colors, background and borders etc. of their profile page in order to create a more personalized look.

[B][SIZE=3]Inline Editing of Profile Field Values[/SIZE][/B]

The ‘About Me’ tab of each member’s profile page has edit controls, allowing them to quickly change values without leaving their profile page.

		 		 		 		 	   	 	 		 	  		  		  		 		[B][SIZE=3]Attachment Viewing Lightbox[/SIZE][/B]

Clicking on an attached image will now open a lightbox rather than open a new window, with the image scaled to fit the browser viewport. A click on the image in the lightbox will open it in a new window as before.

[B][SIZE=3]Social Bookmarking of Threads[/SIZE][/B]

Administrators can now define a list of their favorite social bookmarking sites and have them available for use on the showthread page for bookmarking threads.

  • Many More!

Hope everyone enjoys… Please shoot me an email or a PM if you catch any glitches or problems.