We need a new logo

So we are in the market for a new logo this year. Our old (current One) is a bit outdated. I made it in like 5 minutes 7 years ago in my parents basement.

But now that are company has grown a bit we need a new logo…
these are some example logos. Which one do you like best?









I gonna say the first one…Clean, neat and refreashing to look at actually. I really like the first one a lot. I can see you guys using that one.

The logos look great. I’d have a hard time deciding which one to do. I remember the last one you downloaded. One with the Yellow ‘all county.’ For
some reason it stuck out more. Most of the others look great. I guess the
one that people will remember the most will help you the most.



They all look good to me. I really like the smooth look of the third one. Simple enough to be read quickly but still very slick.

I like the first one best also…looks the cleanest

Hey Chris, you should give this a shot to see how far $50 can go .

Go to http://forums.digitalpoint.com/ , you’ll have to register I guess, there’s a forum where you can look for services, some members offer services and show portfolio, but the best way to get this done is to setup a contest with XX amount of money and a deadline along with an idea of what you need, and people will post their 'entries" to that contest.

Mr. Sanchez (his brother actually) posted that site some time ago and I’ve been reading there every night, lots of info, lots of talented people and you can get excellent quality on a budget.

Hope it helps.

I like the third one the best. I can picture that one on letterheads, shirts, invoices, etc. Very clean.

I like the first one!

I also liked the first one best. Very nice.

Third one is a little too dainty for you guys.
I like the 1st one.

…and not just because it was 1st

that is truly an awesome website to learn.

the last logo reminds me of a janitorial company… i dunno, maybe the squeegee looks like a floor mop and the yellow reminds me of pinesal “Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean!!!”

The first one, without the line at the bottom…

(but I’m biased, since mine kinda looks like that, too)

Thank the heavens the “made in mama’s basement” logo is going!

There is no doubt logo #1. Not because it is neato but because it has a squeegee. People should see your logo and know exactly what it is you do.

That last one with that gas station squeegee aint going to cut it…

Did you p i s s your parents off? Is the basement no longer available for logo creation?

#1 does it for me. If you were doing residential only I would say #3 because, as someone else mentioned, it looks dainty, like the design work you’d see on feminine products. (Women do make most of the window cleaning hiring decisions, at least in my experience)

The only thing I do not like about #1 is the font. Change it to the font in #3 as it is easy to read and has some style.

I love the second one with the globe on it, it really encompasses the “all county”

Yes every day! I eventually got thrown out… Now its loaded up with my dads girlfriends junk.

Thanks for the reply’s everyone… I think 3 may be my favorite. Please keep them coming… I am far from making a complete decision.

I like # 3. I have not seen your old logo but are these an updated version of the first one you did? I only ask cause my logo has been around for so long people almost know the picture better than the name. new customers always tell me they picked us cause they like the funny pic in the add. All I am saying is that it would be like suicide for me to change our logo. I would not recoment straying to far from the current logo. change little by little over time that way your clients still have the visual aspect there too. Other than that I would say #3 is the it.