Weather or Not 10 assorted winter tips


[SIZE=5][B]Scrim Available here![/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=5][B]Backflip Available here![/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=5][B]MicroTiger Microfiber Scrubber Available here![/B][/SIZE]


Nice Job Tony!
It was nice to meet you and the steady-handed camera woman this past week.
Sounds cold out there brrrrrr

Thanks Alex! We had a great time visiting w/ you guys!
It was actually one of the best days we had this winter in that video (about 40F).

Ahhhh…ya gotta love the backflip for both very cold days and very hot days. Scrub and squeegee in quick succession! No worries mate. :wink:

I can’t remember the last time I used my backflip. Have to say the squeegee angle on the backflip is great, so great - it’s nearly a ledger! Good job Tony.

Good point Karl! If Ettore made the length on the squeegee handle part longer (like the legde-eze) it could do some deep sill work also.

Stay tuned for this weeks Tool Talk. Visa Versa takes on the Backflip!

Sounds like another no holds barred event Mark!:wink:

Looking forward to that one - my money’s on the backflip :wink:

Safe bet!:wink:

Remember, people – it’s an exhibition and no betting is allowed.

Nice job Tony!!! Next episode will you wear your Pink WCR shirt, it really brings out your eyes!!! Say hi to the Mrs. for me, she’s great!!!

Another great informative video Tony. So great it gave me goosebumps. Actually, it was the sound of your feet crunching the snow that did that. Brrr

Good job Tony,

I’m having a hard time watching them though. I feel really bad for you having to work in the snow and cold :frowning:
Can’t wait till your Spring/Summer episodes!

Tony, you gotta stop lying man .
I saw some sunshine there … did you move to Canada ? Is still winter there ? :smiley:

j/k - it has been close to 80 over here lol.

Do you own any shares of that company that fabricates the wrap ? You’re addcited to it

Awesome job Tony, thanks for taking the time to do it.

Another great episode of Weather Or Not! I’m glad you brought up the scrim. While out working today I was wondering if I’m the only one still using it because I never hear anyone mention it lately.

I loves me scrim!!!

I look forward to the Tool Talk episode about the Back-Flip vs. the Visa-Versa. I don’t have either one but as of right now I’d probably lean towards the Back-flip just from what I’ve heard about them.

Oh yeah guys, I saw Tony at the trade show in Atlanta. He actually looks kinda slim in real life because he’s about 9 feet tall. The camera does injustice to him. Look at him beside the window in the video. He’s as tall as the window!

Good Job Tony.

I have the ettore back flip. I stopped using it, because I found it too heavy, and it tires your hands out when you use it all day.

It got a mention in the AWC mag!

What was said about it? I don’t get AWC mag.

You gotta get the AWC mag Richard. It has some good stuff in there. Not to mention it’s a write off.