Weather or Not 10 assorted winter tips

I had a free 1 year subscription to AWC along with my first yr membership in AUWC but never renewed it. I was scared I would pay for it and never get it.

Does the AWC magazine arrive on time? …as opposed to 3 or 4 months later like it did when I had a subscription.

If it comes on time I’ll probably subscribe to it again.

Hey Tony - I know you were in it this month - nothing like blowing your own trumpet :smiley:

I am more proud that my wife was in it this time, Karl!
Richard, I seem to get the mag a week or two after the West Coast guys do. But always in the month it starts IE if it’s the July/August issue I get it about the middle of July.

Yeah you get to see Mrs Squeegee in action cleaning windows. Mrs Squeegee is pretty much the nicest lady in the world. We had a great time hangin with the famous couple in ATL. You guys were in the couples that work together section right?

COOL!!! I’ll have to sign up for a new subscription.

I just got the last issue 2 days a go - how does that relate to when you got it?


whats on the cover? I think Tony was in 2 issues in a row.

It was the article on Co-preneurial businesses.

Thanks to WCR and their push for Window Cleaning TV!

Well, I’m from Toronto, Canada. And maybe it’s because it takes longer for things to be mailed to Canada. But I often got AWC late, the first few issues came on time or around the eighth of a month. But towards the end it came up to a month or 6 weeks late. Sometimes I had to email the owner and ask him to mail me an issue.

I eventually cancelled my subscription. Not because It was too late, but I lost interest.

I can’t say exactly why. But I think part of it was that the publishers were not window cleaners. I saw the old issues that Chris put up, and they were a million times better.

Ah…you guys in warm climates are soft. Some days it is actually enjoyable to be out in the cold. When it’s sunny and there is no wind.

Like today. Sunny and around the freezing mark but it was very pleasant. Kinda wished I had more than the three commercial jobs.

Yeah yeah, I’ve done my fair share of mid-western winter window cleaning. And I don’t miss it either. You guys can have it all.
It doesn’t get to cold here in Seattle. I rarely have a sunny, non-windy cold day. We get the rainy bone-chilling cold weather.

Yeah I think I would take the snow and cold over the depressing rain. Rain really gets you down. At least when it’s really cold, you usually get a lot of sunny days.

I hate rainy days.