Weather or Not Season 4 Episode 1


Nice rig Mr squeegee!! I would move that case of alcohol to the front of the van and secure the heater …just in case…I will admit I drove away once with an engine block heater still plugged into the ext. cord … lesson learned don’t put a knot in the cord LOL

I remove the heater when we leave for the day. It’s just to keep the van warm overnight.

When I did windows full time I had a van too. Miss it when I go out now to do windows. All I have now is a couple of trucks, good for lawn care but a pain for windows. I even have to put my pail of warm water in the passenger floor to keep it warm sometimes.

When I get back, i have to unload everything into the shed for security.

I would take the alcohol out of the van when the heater is in there. While the bottles are probably sealed, you never know when one might spring a leak. The thermostat on the heater could ignite the vapors when it turns on and off (sparks are generated at the contacts due to the load and thermostats are not sealed units).