Weather or Not with Mister Squeegee #5 Keeping Your Water From Freezing


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Good job Tony! :slight_smile:

Dang Mr. Squeegee,

You really got some killer solutions for your…ah…winter solution.

Good job Tony! I learned a few things that will be helpful. Was that a bucket with your company logo on it? If so, where did you get it?

I guess you were expecting us this time. haha good video

nice job Tony boy

Ahh yes, the ol’ stand buy. I almost had to use wiper cleaner a few weeks ago. Instead I found a bottle of rubbing alcohol in my bathroom :slight_smile: that got me through the day.
Informative as always Tony. Good Job!

Are they fake shutters Tony? They dont look thick enough to double out.
I was gonna ask about the bucket as well!

Good job as always :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! The bucket is a Pulex and a buddy of mine that does auto detailing and lettering did the bucket for me. He scanned my logo off my biz card and went to town.
And Karl - yes they are fake shutters. Not many operative shutters around here.

Nice Job Tony, I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that stuff though.

Strange that - we have a lot of shutters here, but all function. I offer a service to clean these as well.

Around here functional shutters are a thing of the past. Old homes still have them but you can tell they are never used. I have seen some new homes with them but don’t get used either.

They also keep the sun & heat out - something I don’t suppose you have a problem with. Usually they are more expensive than windows & also act as a burgler deterent. Many newer single properties are opting to go without the shutters & relying on air-con to do the work. Most newer apartments have them though. With the high humidity, wooden shutters are becoming a thing of the past due to sagging & high maintenance in most cases. Nearly all shutters are aluminium now except when the character of the house is being taken into consideration.

One of the very best instructional videos I’ve seen, you are very through and taught me stuff that Gary and others who spoke on this topic have never touched. bravo.

Thanks Mike! There was alot more that could have been said but I wanted to cover the basics and keep the video from going to long.