Weather or Not with Mister Squeegee #6 Wrapping Squeegee Handles


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Hi Tony, Thanks for the wrapped handle info. Just curious, how do the handles hold up after sitting in your bucket of water? Or do you not let your handles spend any significant length of time in the bucket?

My handles never go in the bucket. I have a two squeegee holsters on my belt and that’s where I keep them.

Good information again Tony. :slight_smile:

Well done Tony, now we need to meet the camera crew, Mrs.Squeegee :slight_smile:

Come to ATL and she’ll be there w/ me. I think I’ll stand by the booth and sign autographs in my WCR t-shirt!:smiley:


Doesn’t Mrs Squeegee try & make you laugh?

We have had to redo some videos because she forgets she’s also the hair and wardrobe crew and when I look at the video something looks out of place. (Leave it alone Phil!;))

Can we see the uncut version :slight_smile:

Its funny I use the Ettore Ledge Eze handles that come from the factory with a foam grip installed and I cut it off.

I holster my squeegee so the added width and the fact its not slick.

So am teraing them off and Tony you are wrapping them up how ironic.


I don’t wrap my 6" or 8" squeegees because I use a different holster for those, they go in handle first. Then again I don’t use those as much as my larger ones, which go into the holster channel end.

I used to use bicycle handle grips on my squeegee handles. You gotta find the right ones, not all of them will work quite right. I like the Unger Ergotech handles though because of how comfortable they are.

Something I’ve seen in stores and have been somewhat curious to try is Plasti Dip. I would like this on the outside of my Unger pole if it works well. I’ll have to try it. I think I’ve seen this at wal-mart…

Thanks for your videos Tony. I’ll be dressing in layers for the rest of this week, that’s for sure. The high for Friday is supposed to be 34, the low, 14. That’s COLD for here.

We’re having Spring-like weather right now. Yesterday was 75°.

Our high for tomorrow is -1F. I’m still waiting for global warming.:mad:

Today for me was -30° C with the windchill. (-22°F) Had two restaurants to do. People were looking at me like I was nuts.

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I hear you Mark! The temp tomorrow is w/out windchill. We’ve been snowed in the last 2 days and the family van broke a fuel line under the hood. Ain’t winter grand!?:mad: