Weather or not with Mr Squeegee #8


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Tony couldn’t I instead of the razor use alterantive methods?:smiley:

Can you define Alternative?:stuck_out_tongue:

I need to apologize to Dan Fields and you guys.
The site is
I also said window cleaning resources instead of resource. Must have been the wind.
Sorry for the mistake.

I get cold every time I watch these vids. Other that that they are GREAT.

What was the temp and aproximate wind speed that day Tony?

Also, did the soloution contain antifreeze or was it just soap and water for a quicker freeze for the vid? If antifreeze, how much?

Cute Tony - its very diificult to talk about fad-deb without getting yourself in tangles.

Yet another tidbit I’ll store for a cold day! Good info. Tony.

The temp was -15F w/ the windchill. The wind was blowing at 20mph w/ 35mph gusts.
I had a very minimal amount of methanol on the stripwasher so it would freeze. Basically I took my stripwasher that had some residual methanol and solution and wet it down in the sink.

Obviously if you were not making a vid the methanol would have been more. Correct? I understand that it will still freeze in conditions like that, but What do you do after the scrape, huck, micro, scrim, nothing?

Please excuse my ignorance, its not that cold in CT often. I usually will use a hot water soloution to warm the windows enough so i can still squeegee them then try to detail quickly before the freeze sets in.

Thanks for braving the elements for us Tony.

It wouldn’t bother me at all if you filmed the educational portions of your show from the warm indoors. Just a thought.

Another good one Tony.

Hey, if I want to avoid scraping can I use steel wool or a flame thrower ? :smiley:


I went light on the antifreeze for effect so it definitely would have been a higher amount w/ those conditions. When the freeze happens I usually scrape it off and try to up the methanol a little and work faster to get the window cleaned. Followed by a detailing w/ scrim.

I never thought of scraping the frozen soloution before. Then again I like to hibernate in front of my pc in the winter. Plus I pretty much only do comm. accounts that are close to home and ground level this time of year. So I can always go home to re up my hot mix.(hot water+dawn+wwf)

Although, I had a few windows freeze and used like 19 hucks to detail each one. What a pita.

Mental note made.

That’s my biggest pet peeve about winter window cleaning. The amount of hucks I go through. Sometimes, while wearing heavy gloves, I can’t feel the towel properly and drop it in the snow. Grrrrrr:mad:

Blowtorch :smiley:

Go for it Mike! It could melt the FD off the glass! Hey maybe we have just uncovered the solution to bad glass!:smiley:

I hate detailing with gloves on so I’ll sometimes take them off, then I’ll drop the huck because I can’t feel my hands. I can’t win.

Just wrap the scrim around the end of your squeegee channel and detail that way.

Great tip Karl,
Also useful for detailing cut ups.