Weather or Not with Mr Squeegee part 2


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Nice work.

Woke up to -7 degrees this morning.

Which way is FL?

Another good video Tony.

I went to a house the other day and the driveway, side of the house and also the back was a sheet of ice. This is where strong poling skills come in handy. My Unger pole (just used 3 sections, 18’) and my contour pro + handle was all I needed to complete all the upper floor windows. Thankfully they were single pane casements.

BRrrrrrr! And I thought it was cold here in South Carolina.

Nice video Tony!

Another solid vid Tony…good information regarding ladder placement in winter conditions and also good information regarding taking physical precautions to ensure personal health in cold conditions.

It’s those cold conditions that separate the “get rich quick” guys from the “here to stay” guys. I am here to stay but must admit I cringe when I peer out the window to ice and snow. I’m glad I’m not in Nebraska or Iowa though…Maryland isn’t quite as bad. :slight_smile:

I knew it would get colder. I’m at home today because we are dealing w/ -25 to -30F wind chills. To cold for this old boy!:eek:

I woke up to a balmy 22 degrees today. I did a few store fronts today. Thats about it. Unseasonably cool for my area.


Great job Tony.

Nice work Tony. I thought there would be some ladder safety device for minus temps?

Oh I forgot. Well… here’s one - Don’t stick your tongue on a cold aluminum ladder!:stuck_out_tongue:

Good job Tony, and props to your camera “crew”, she deserves some credit too :slight_smile:

She may have to give up her amateur staus after a few more videos.:wink:

Nice job and thanks, Tony.

BTW, I still use a Ladder Stopper on cleared surfaces that are damp or wet.

I’m thinking about getting a pair of Laddalimpets myself.

Its the best thing you could do!
Just check the dimensions on the pdf on the home site. I can guarantee once you have them, you will never use a ladder again without them.

Here in Balmy NW Missouri, We woke up to a balmy temperature of 0 deg f. Gotta love this time of year. It isnt the temp that really gets ya. It is the damn wind. Even a small 5 or 6 mph wind it a pain in the butt at those temps. The weather is all wacky right now. Here in Missouri we always ,every year have a real cold blast in mid Dec. Then the temps will stabilize around the mid 20 for hi. And somewhere around 10 for the low. Then in late Jan early Feb we will get another cold blast that usually lasts for a week or two. This isnt set in stone at all. But that is the normal pattern. Then again this is the mid west. If you dont like the weather just wait about 10 mins. It is bound to change by then. :cool:

I blame La Nina. Back when we were in the El Nino pattern we had great winters here. Mild temps and little or no snow. We are expecting another storm tomorrow w/ a possible 6" or more of snow.

So are you just using warm water or adding something to not have the water freeze on the windows?

I use methanol, the ingredient in windshield washer fluid that keeps it from freezing.