Web help

Here is a link to my new site, please check it out and let me know what you think.

It is not complete yet but pretty close.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.



Hey Steve,

From one beautiful view to another, :wink: GOD JOB! Obviously you gotta finish the details but all the important stuff is in place and the site flows nice.

I hope it pulls in plenty of work for you.

Heres one suggestion - make the suds and squeegee less saturated.
If you want a higher rez pic, let me know.

How did you build your site? I bought a domain and a friend is hosting it for me, I just have no idea where to start in building it:confused: Many good tools I’ve seen have to be hosted on there own servers.

Hey Mark,

First I would like to say thanks for you being cool with the whole alike name thing,and secondlly, Thanks for the kind words and I hope it pulls in work too, or at least keeps my present clients interested with unique offers and the like, both would be best.
I will be working on the SEO ing till its right.

Yes I would dig a higher quality pic. I found this webmaster after reviewing other wcrs sites and contacted her(her link on my site does not work yet) and she has been great. For $360 total, $180 up front and $180 when I’m satisfied, she did this for me. Very affordable, very refferable too.Here is her email.[email protected] pm or call Me and I can give you her #. Anybody else can too.

As far as hosting goes, I have been been thinking about what Joie said about using one server and hosting multiple sites. I’m pretty sure I can do this through my server (startlogic.com). I will check on this. Feel free to call if you have any questions.(860)921-8005.


I wanted this site to mimick yours but be unique at the same time, how did I do? I can and will change things if you like, just let me know. Also I need to update my billing info for the dossier(sp), how do I do that? I loves me some naked wcing. Great book.


This site is a compilation of things I have saw and learned on windowcleaner.com, lets keep the great info coming.

Chris and Alex,

Thanks for the plethera of info you guys make available to everyone. I will set up the links to WCR soon.

Steve out

Any more sugestions? Anyone?

Overall, it has a good flow to it. I was messing around on there and noticed that the Payment link doesn’t seem to be working. Also, under the heading titled “gallary and testimonials” there don’t seem to be any testimonials.

I would either add some or take the “testimonials” off of the heading.

Working on that stuff now! Should be ironed out in a few minutes/days:confused:

The site is not being advertised till its right, except here.

Vista print

Nice website.

the site looks great.
being that my thing is spelling and grammar. just make sure you spell check…i noticed on the promotions page “receive” was misspelled. really not a biggie unless your ocd about it like i am.

At least you dont have turrets also, like me!$%^&(@!$#^%&(^#!$^&!.

Thanks for taking your time to respond.

OCD+business owner= good things.

I probably should see a doctor one of these days.

To get medicated.

SHHHsh. Is that legal?

that’s great!
i have a dear friend w/ turrets…and that **** is funny. i can’t help but crack up. and of course his word is the good ole f bomb! …fantastic.
i probably need to be ocd about other things as well! i drive myself crazy sometimes!
thanks for the therapy session. was this a free consultation?

I’m no crocker croaker.

Ribber Robber


ok, you want a review…

What is a “free cost estimate”? Just say [B]FREE estimate[/B]. Sometimes less is more

The site looks pretty good. I hate the photos as they are meaningless. Are they customers? If so get a testimonial and stamp it right on the pic like the real bad “residential and commercial customers alike choose beautiful view”.

That statement does not even say anything. Who chooses you? everyone? If it does not serve a purpose than boot it.

I would put the main text in a black font as it is easier to read on a white background.

I would dump the “commitment” and call it a guarantee. Do a dual guarantee for being punctual and one for satisfaction.

In your “guarantees” you refer back to the company too much. I think you refer back to yourself 11 times between the 2 guarantees. (us, we, our, beautiful view). The guarantee is about them. Try to rewrite it putting “you” in there and talk about them and their results.

[B][B]Your[/B] time is very valuable and [B]you[/B] can rest assured we will arrive within 10 minutes of [B]your[/B] scheduled time.[/B]

Does not need to be very long or dragged out.

Just make sure you use the word guarantee as that is universal for protection and dismisses some of their risk fears.

The purpose of the gallery page is? I think pictures of doors are not necessary. Does anyone really care what windows you may have cleaned? At least connect testimonials to the job and try to add some pics of you doing some windows.

Keep in mind ALL window cleaning sites look the same (believe me I know). People who are scouting can easily be shaken out of their boredom if you center your service around their universe.

I would also describe the benefits of your service, both the actual procedures and the reasons you are unlike the rest. Why you over anyone else? You have something that makes you unique, find it and use it.

I find it helps me when I look at websites if I look at the competition and do something different. Reword your process, create unique descriptions, create a killer bold guarantee. Be the only company in your area that ___________

I don’t know, just some thoughts…

Now thats more like it. Looks like I have some work to do! I will let you know when the changes are made.

Thanks Paul.

Site looks pretty good. How is the Search Engine Optimization comming along? I would check your keyword dentsity and make sure keywords such as “Window Cleaning” “Window Washing” etc… are between 4% and 10%. You can do this not only in your page text but also by adding keywords to your title, description, alt tags, url pages, graphic file names, anchor text and backlinks. There you go I just saved you a few hundred dollars in books and few hundred hours of reading.

Don’t forget writing articles about "how to remove paint from windows, that seems to be pretty popular around here, huh?:rolleyes:

but yeah, like Mike said even a crappy site that is up there in google is gonna bring you a lot more money than a fancy site that no one ever sees, because it’s on page 15 of google, ya know?

You are all over the place, so I gotta do what I gotta do but then you have your fair share of paint removal Too! with the carlsbad, san marcos, oceanside pages etc… It’s all good! Like the good Cap’n Jack always says, “Pirate”!

Right now thats all greek to me. After many hours of reading and this post. Care to elaborate? More?

I’m in Ct. and googled “window cleaning sd” and you were third. Nice job.

The site is very new and I know what seo is and what i want it to do, just not sure on the how to part still.