Web site?

Hey quick??..on average a week how many jobs do you book off your
web site, and how much traffic is you site getting??:confused:

I got 14 calls from my site within the last 2 days that I haven’t even replied to yet I’ve been so busy. That should give you an idea bud.

over the course of the year probably 7 - 12 a week.

Steve, much depends on where you are on the organic search. I have two sites and there is a huge diffrence in the traffic I get. The more optimized site is on fire right now whereas the other only gets about 10 visits a week

Thanks for the info Andrew, Your site is structured very well and easy to navigate.

Hey Chris thats pretty interesting info. So that must mean most of your clients come from
mailers, would you say that was true?

Thanks for the info, So how many hits and jobs are coming from the optimized site?

You should look into getting your business location listed in google maps. If you register your site with google webmaster you should be able to put in all the geographical information and your business info. This can make a big difference.

I have two people a day with people getting a instant bid and of the bids done online my closure rate is about 85 percent.

That’s a pretty good closing ratio (85%)!! 11-12 deals a week that good.

Yea I wish I could say that the calls will keep coming in but this is the sweet spot in my busy season. In 16 years this year this is the first year i have seen the power of a optimized website and postcards.

It’s fun but I have to say its been somewhat overwhelming.

Sound like this year will be a good year… How many post cards are you sending out monthly? What kind of response ratio?