Website Ads-What should I Charge?

I just received an email from someone wanting to put an ad on my website. She does window treatments. I dont know how much one usually charges. Plus I don’t really see her getting much business from my site…

Does anyone know how to charge?

Hey I got that to a couple of times. Im very certain it is a scam, I asked her to call me and she refused. Be very careful.

Better first find out if she does a good job. It’s risky to associate your business with another without doing your homework first.

Then I would try something like a monthly fee (up front) because I find that the deals I have with companies like window tinters and carpet cleaners almost never pay off. In one case I am supposed to get .50 sq. ft from a tinter that I recommend . I send him so much business and he never pays me. I would suggest maybe $15-20 month for a banner ad on your site.

First, I am against letting anyone advertise on my website. However if you are considering letting others advertise on your site I would suggest that it be companies that you endorse and can confidently refer your customers to. Why would you even consider letting a company you have never had experience with and don’t know personally advertise on your site?

And if you would like to endorse a certain company, using a banner ad or any kind of advertising, here is the most important rule to remember:

[SIZE=“4”][B]You get to pick the price.[/B][/SIZE]

Make it $500 if you want. Make it $5000 if you want. Try and base the price on what they can get out of it, but in the end, you decide, not them.

If her name was Vanessa Lane then it’s a scam and the next thing she’ll want is your pay pal account number.

You guys are awesome. Very good points. Why “recommend” a service company I’m not familar with. Very true…

Chris: Do you recommend me selling ad space on my company website anyway? How could this benefit me in the long run?

Dwight: yes her name is vanessa. Is was [email protected].

Kevin: I knew you’d tell me to pick the price myself…But you’re right.

Thing is, I don’t understand how she could get money out of me? Whats her scheme? Just curious…And any thoughts on that website,

I don’t think that outfit is even American. They talked about the differences between paying in the American dollar and other means.

That website could represent a million things. Mostly I believe a fraud/scheme to retrieve information from people for an evil purpose.

Yep Vanessa was the name… The whole thing seemed odd.

Acclaim: I don’t think it could really hurt you if you find someone reputable. The main way it could benefit you is increased personal income.

I got the same message, but I didn’t like her offer. She wanted a link to her site with some description text for one year for $50 dollars because she was "on a tight budget."
She might be a Nigerian scammer

people like this ask you for your account no. and somehow take money from it.

seemingly 1 in 12,500,000 sent “spam” emails are responded to with bank account details.

So there are still some people out there ready to give away their details, making such fraud a very big business.

Man. guess this scam is popular. Thanks for the replies everyone!

Tell you what:

If you give me your bank account info, I’ll get to the bottom of this.

[SIZE=“1”]JK…please don’t.[/SIZE]

Vanessa Lane has struck again. She sent me and about 5 other window cleaners I network with this same type of e-mail. I got this one tonite…I think she must’ve forgot that she already sent me the same thing some time ago.

Here is her text:

[b]"Hello Dwight,

Thanks for your response. I apologize but this is the best form of communication I have at the moment. Let me know what you think of our proposal below.

We would like to place a text link ad on this page to link to with the keyphrase “window treatments”.

We’ll also have sentences to include that in so that it reads well (it won’t be obnoxious).

I can pay you 45 USD for the link, for the whole year paid upfront with the assumption that you’ll leave it live on that page for 12 months or longer if you prefer.

Please get back to me if interested and include your paypal account ID (email) for payment.


And yet, Budget Blinds is a legitimate (it appears) business. I wonder if they are aware…

its not that she forgot.
it is probably an automated system which sends these e-mails to 1000’s of addreses a day

i wouldnt think vanessa exists…this is prob a computer software system which spts out scam e-mails to many industries…i wouldnt think only w/c’rs are targeted.

I was just thinking about that myself. I might try and contact them for confirmation.

[QUOTE=panelessperfection;21343]Tell you what:

If you give me your bank account info, I’ll get to the bottom of this.QUOTE]

I laughed forever from this post…Now, do you take Visa?

We should all become detectives and take this “venessa” down!

I just got a very similar email, asking for the same thing. She is now using the name Cassandra Smith. FYI