Website copy stolen

So my wife and I are looking to move to a new city 1500 miles away, and as I was scouting out the local window cleaners, I found one of them who’s FAQ copied ours WORD FOR WORD. I’m not sure how to respond. Thoughts?

Is it by another member on the board or just someone random? If your site gets great traffic, people will copy from it. No comment if they do so with the intent of flattery or not, though.

I’m no lawyer, nor have I played one on TV…

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I don’t know if they are a member, I don’t know them. It seems really odd that I’d come across someone who stole my own text in the city that we’re looking to move to. I don’t want to sue them or anything, but is it legit to ask them to take it down and write their own stuff?

Very strange they found your site considering there’s thousands of companies out there. They must have online exposure to you somehow.

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Yes, you have every right to ask them to take down the plagiarized work. If they don’t comply, you have legal recourse.

I would start by asking nicely, then more firmly, then ask your lawyer to send them a cease and desist letter if they still don’t comply.

It’s the word for word bit that strikes me as sketchy. I think in a moment of honesty we’ve all saw/found/heard/seen a nice way of explaining some facet of our shared industry, and used it in a modified way. But to straight up take the words from your mouth seems low to me and at the very least disingenuous and not how you run a business/website/web presence.

well they have added a few more faqs but yours are there word for except for the price. not gonna be worth going to court but a letter from a lawyer might do it.
before doing anything to ruffle any feathers i suggest you register your business name in that area and register some of the other variants of your domain that are available or and take any other precautions you can maybe even register a keystone variant or 2 yourself.

Hey Ben @leavingnc, where are you looking to move too, or for the sake of the post would you rather not say?

Sorry to hear that happened. Hopefully they will reword their FAQ’s page.

Ask them nicely to take it down.

If they don’t want to, slap them with a DMCA. Their website goes POOF after that.

They need solid copy and the best they could find was yours. Don’t think twice about a company with no idea what they are doing. Worry about your competition not your fans.

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I called and spoke to them and they said “actually I’m really familiar with you” I guess they found me here or on facebook and liked my comments.

I called him and he changed it. Now it’s not word for word, but is still largely the same answers. I think I’m gonna let it go.

He said he’d been meaning to change it, I guess his business was less than a year old and he was using it as a sort of placeholder but hadn’t gotten around to changing it until I called.

I’m going to have a different business and name so that won’t be a problem, but it would have been nice to use my own words on my new business website without looking like I’m the one plagiarizing.

Johnson City TN

He did, but the answers are substantially the same, though no longer word for word

I did and he changed the wording (a bit)

Cool. I have friends and family in TN but have never lived there myself. Best of luck in the move!

I’ve thought of moving my business there for the pressure washing. So many vinal houses.

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That must be so frustrating. Can’t believe this happened to you. At least they are no longer word for word.

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