Website (Home Page Picture)

I would like to ask everyone their opinion on our web page. I had someone remark about the picture on there and wanted to know what yall think. Please check it out and let me know.

I would lose the pic of the windex. Replace it with a nice squeegee. In her hand that is.

Yeah, I’d loose the Windex and old rag pic. Otherwise the home page is nice. Its clean and simple. Please send your comments of our page as well.

If you use Windex and a rag, then keep the picture.

If it doesn’t represent your company, then I would replace it.


Getty Images has tons of affordable pictures that you may be able to use that might better represent your company and what is is that you do. Unless of course, like Larry Said, your all about the Windex and Old rag.

I would just a hire a professional photographer and take a picture of one of your nicest homes that you clean and use that…

Go to craigslist to find a photographer, they are cheap on there.

yeah, the lady with the rag on needs to go.


I like your site also it is very informative and you do christmas lighting, cool.

Just wanted to say thank you to all who visited our site, I am going to mess around with it some more until I get a pic made which we are in the process of.but until then I will just have a couple of pics of some nice homes on there.

You’ve got a lot of good info on your site, but I was too distracted by the song to be able to retain any of it.

That’s a great song and I was toying around with how I could incorporate it into my website, but then I killed it for the same reason.

Jerry, those New Pictures really make a difference!!!

Very nice. I’ve always been a fan of the soft sell method. What you promise and how you appeal to them is believable.
I did notice a couple spelling mistakes: In the paragraph before Contact Info it should be “schedule” and “inconvenience” and “may cause TO you and your business”. I’ll be looking for comments on mine soon hopefully!

Thanks Brennon. Glad to hear from you again. Hope business is as good as it seems.

glad to see the lady gone :smiley:

Hey Guys,

I’m new to the window cleaning business… sort of… my family owned a cleaning business growing up so I used to clean windows, wax floors, ect. for about 13 years - so i’ve got a little experience but I digress…

The real reason for this post is I’d like some feedback on my name…

I live in the suburbs NW of Houston, Tx. I decided to go with the name “Simply Clean Windows” and my tag line is “It’s that simple.”

Tell me what yall think good or bad!

-Travis Clay


My brain asks : “[B]What’s[/B] that simple?”

Yeah, I like it.
I can see the add-ons: Simply clean patio’s & simply clean gutters.
But you may get people asking if you are “the simple guy” when you turn up for the job :eek:

Or, “If it’s that simple, I’ll do it myself.”

Hey - who hasn’t said that. I just walk when they think that the job is so easy that my prices are outrageous. I’ll tell them to go & do that small thing.

Yes, but you doesn’t advertise the fact that something “simple” is involved.