Website starter questions

It is time to build my site.

I know the name etc…

I have a question or two and need some direction.

I want to have ‘offers’ here and there (fliers, t shirts bz cards etc) that say something different than my name.

Example: so when the custy enters that address, it takes em to MY website.

How do I do that?

that super simple you just set it up to forward in your hosting account… I can walk you through it once your ready.

Example go to:

Hey Chris, nice domain name!

Would it be any better to forward it specifically to the “videos” webpage on your site?

Just a thought.

I’m not quite sure of what you’re looking for, so take this with a grain of salt, but I’m not sure you want your domain name to be misleading because your clickthrough rate is more likely going to be extremely low.

I can just see myself as a consumer seeing a domain name of something that sounds too good to be true, and once I find that it isn’t free, I’m outta there!

When you purchase the domain name there shoud be an option with your hosting company to redirect that domain to whateve site you want. Example: All of my domains redirect to etc will all forward to njwindowwashing…

Heres an easy set up for you…

I don’t know if it works yet, but I’m trying to track traffic to my site by using different URL’s, so I thought I’d take advantage of some “outside linking” from those URL’s while I’m at it.

For Example:

All LOOK like my website, but they are actually other websites. I was shocked that I could by 10 or so really good SEO URLs (my keywords are IN the URL) so I bought them all.

Then I made sure that each page’s links all pointed to my main website’s corresponding pages… It was quite a bit of work, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for anyone in my service area ( :slight_smile: ) but I’m thinking it will be good because I’m getting links and URL SEO out of the deal…

Just be very carefule cause those websites you have purchased look just like your main website. Google will read all those sites, see most of the text and images as being the same as your main. Google will then think you are trying to fool it’s bot and COULD hurt any current rankings you have.
I tried to do the same thing with mine. I own 4 sites pertaining to my company newjerseywindowcleaning/windowwashing/njwindowcleaning/washing. My main is njwindowwashing I put up exact copies of the site on the 3 other domains. I belong to an SEO board and was contacted by some of the heavy hitters there explaining the possible issue that can come from that. They told me the best thing to do is, either place up an entirely new site on each domain with links pointing into my site or just do a perminate redirect. I went with the redirect as I do not want to build 3 more sites. But at this point business is slow so I’m thinking about it.

Heres a good read on it.

Look over his content redundancy section a little lower into the page.

Wanting more than one domain is definitely understandable especially when your business offers more than one service.

So I read about it, and I’m wondering if since each site is a home page in and of itself with the same formatting, menus, etc, if I could just change the content of the home pages to be unique and be legit.

It was unclear to me by reading if I could help things out that way. What do you think Jugg?

You have it. Since you own those domain names, you can put whatever you want up on them. If it’s differant then what’s on the main you’re golden. I own 8 other sites. 3 of them could be used to drive traffic to my main. But that’s a lot of management for me right now. I think if one is going to create other domains for their business, then they should give it 100%. It’s such a strong tool for advertising and business. Where else can you get this type of exsposure for pennies per year, if not free? I think Chris has the idea. When you put up other sites, you need to be online al the time to get the best from it. The quickest get’s the business and the early bird gets the worm. Same with the internet. But it can be done…

Does a re-direct ever build any SEO popularity for itself? I mean, will the keywords in the URL ever increase in popularity for google? It seems like it would just be a static thing left to it’s own devices. I’m already out-ranking the new URLs with my keywords on my main site… I figured that in time the more SEO appropriate URLs would catch my own site.

Also, it sounds like you are saying that having the menu of each homepage direct back into my main site is not nearly as powerful as having a full on website for each URL. You are definitely right about how much work that would be in upkeep and the initial build.

A re-direct does not build any SEO at all. It does hold age though, which is a good thing. All a redirect does is tell the bot “Honestly” this page has been moved or is only redirecting for a short period. The redirect has to be a correct one, meaning if you “Perminant redirect” you should figure on not changing your page for a period of time. Not sure of the time as I knew mine were not going to be used for at least 1 year. The number of the HTTP Status “Error” will dictate the correct procedure for the bot follow.

quote Wiki "[edit] HTTP status codes 3xx
In the HTTP protocol used by the World Wide Web, a redirect is a response with a status code beginning with 3 that induces a browser to go to another location.

The HTTP standard defines several status codes for redirection:

300 multiple choices (e.g. offer different languages)
301 moved permanently
302 found (e.g. temporary redirect)
303 see other (e.g. for results of cgi-scripts)
307 temporary redirect "

Nothing is better then having full blown on seperate sites pointing to your site. It’s best if you can have those back links mixed into topics with paragraphs and sentences. Where as the text is natural, exactly like a blog or forum. But the link should be in a correct form so that the bot will read it and follow it correctly. If your looking to use those domains for more traffic, you are best to turn one into a blog. That’s the easiest way to get natural link backs. It’s a lot of work man. That’s why I just leave mine as it is. To do it correct means putting in the time. The only reason my adult sites did well, was because I would stay online till 5am working 15 hour days. But that’s a whole other animal.