Website tracking

I recently put up my website, through Office live small business. They give you templates, that you go through and do basic editing. I can handle that, but as far as hmtl I am completely ignorant.
The Office live gives you real basic tracking reports, but I wanted more, so I sign up for the Google analytics, but they wanted me to paste some code into the html of my website. I went back to the office live site where I edit my site, but I couldn’t find anyplace to put the tracking code into the web site programming. Am I missing something?

Any suggestions on this or the website in general are appreciated.

Hopefully Doug will jump in with your tracking question.

Other than the site is looking good. I would shrink way down the quality of the image on the homepage. It looks like its about 1.5mb… It could stand to be a lot smaller for quicker loading.

Other than that I like the wording. Nice Job!

Hey BC, smart move tracking your site with analytics. Knowing what people type in to find you
and how they navigate around your site can be valuable.
I’m not too familiar with office live, but I’m familiar enough with htmI and web stuff I’m sure I could figure it
out. Feel free to shoot me a PM with your info and I can help you install it.

I like how you have your picture up… You should consider moving that to the home page… Personally I would lose the weather… It looks cool but, it would make me hesitant of cancellations…


I might be able to help you out. I also use Office Live.

Here’s what you do :

  1. Login to your Microsoft Live Small Business Page
  2. Click “Design Site” in the Build your Web Site column.
  3. Click “Edit” on the page you want to place the HTML code. “I would guess your Home Page is what you would want to use”.
    4.This will bring you o your web creator page. Look towards the top at the task bar. In the middle there is a button called Module. Click and choose HTML. Copy and Paste your code there.

This should work. I’m going to install the same thing. I’ll post back with the results.

Unfortunately from experience I know that will not work.

Try looking at this site or doing a Google search for “google analytics office live”. There are plenty of resources out there to help you, although this worked for me: [COLOR=#810081][/COLOR]

Inserting an “HTML Module” in Office Live is not the same as having a whole page created in an HTML editor. Inserting that Google Analytics “meta tag” in an “HTML Module” through the Office Live Site Design Tool will place it in the wrong location on your page. Google won’t be able to find it. I had a reasonable amount of difficulty doing that.

Just as an FYI, the Office Live site offers analytics too. And that is wicked easy to set up.

Good Luck

I just checked over the source code for your site. It looks like you got it inserted correctly. I don’t use office live, but either way it should not matter. There should be a way to HTML code your site. If not, take the REAL index page.

Yours is named default.aspx

So take that page and save it someplace where you will remember. Once you have that page downloaded you can then, right click the page and go to, edit/open with/notepad

That software is default installed on all Microsoft systems. You may not see it, but it’s there. Anyway the page will open but you will not see any of your images or anything, just the plan asp/html text that is contained in the page. In there is where you can paste your code. Save the page and if asked to replace your current file, choose yes. Now take that page you just edited and upload it back to your directory. You will be asked if you want to overwrite the page, choose yes. After that you are done and your code will be installed and working just fine. This is a method that can be used anytime you need to edit your html… As time goes on, if you get better with websites and this will be easy pickens…

I know about that, but it is somewhat limited in the info it gives, the Google analytics give more info.

Thanks to everyone for all the help.

It looks like its working. I show visits to my website. But I’m really not too keen on how to interpret this info. Looks the same as Office Live.

Hey Ken
I tried it your way. Do I need to insert that code for every page on my website?


You only have to install the code on the pages you want to track. But if you are tracking your main/index/default there really is no need. Google will give you the landing pages that a visit went to. IE sometimes google will list one of your inside pages. There really is no need for the code to be on that page. Google will also tell you all trails followed, meaning the pages a visit has traveled too from your index etc.

If people are looking for some serious stat tracking on their website more then google. AWSTATS is the best around. You can configure it to track just about anything you would want, even the name of the computer that the visit came from.

But having too much detail in tracking is just a waste of time as there is not much that can be done with it. Some people in the past have tracked monitor settings so they know how to build their page to fit the persons monitor. IE people do not like to scroll left and right, so the easy fix for this if your page is built for 1280x720 screen res anyone who comes to the page with a 800x600 will not see your site correctly. If you see most of the visits are 800x600 then risk potentials leaving your site due to unreadablity. So the easy fix for this would be to place a master table on the site with all the contents inside the table. The table would then be set to a width size to be set to 100%. This way if someone comes to your site with a 800x600 it will view correctly.
That’s one way to use the stats.
For me the five most important things I want from potentials are in the following order

  1. Location= If the visit came from out of my location, I really dont care about that visitor.
  2. Keyword= what keyword did they use and where is the visitor located.
  3. Time on site= I want to know what the average time on the site is, so I can see if visitors are staying on the site. The longer they stay the better.
  4. Bounce rate= people who leave the site as soon as it loads. Why are they leaving? Is there something wrong with my 1st page?
  5. Naigation= where did they go on the site and which page did they stay the longest on.

I want to know these things so that I can try to change the site or those pages to get them to pick up the phone an call me.

Yeah, I was hoping for something more than what Microsoft analytics offered too.

At least now you can see if someone has visited your site from Iceland with both Google and Microsoft analytics.

You can but it’s not necessary.

I think Juggernaut answered it pretty well.

Glad to see your up and running.

From what I understand AWstats doesn’t track googlebots right? I know google analytics doesn’t, but I’d like to find something that can track both humans and bots, right now I am using google webmaster tools to make sure the googlebots are crawling like they are supposed to be, but it doesn’t seem to give the most detailed info.

That’s a good question, Doug. I’ve wondered that myself. It doesn’t appear that you can. I don’t know for sure though.

At least you can track all iPhone visitors to your site. Because that’s pretty important.