Website video link

My site is up and running. I want to ad video sometime soon.

Can someone show this country boy how to

Upload video to youtube or where ever

and how to link the video so that it shows rather than a link?

Okay…youtube was a snap.

How do i code the video to show rather than just have a link?

Go to the YouTube page where your video is. There will be two links. One is just a URL link. The other is an embed link. Copy the embed link and paste it into your web page.

That does not work.

It does work, but you have to place the “embed” code in the “code” part of the webpage, inside a table, likely.

Look at you go Phil

Go get some!

Look at my web page that has a youtube video on it.

Look at the source code for the page and compare it to yours. Of course the actual movie file will be different in your youtube code.

I called the host and got the code.

No worries.

Whats you web address?

Lets link share!

“Seattle Window Cleaning”