Weird Dream

So I walk into one of my accounts (a large deli) near closing time. Some guy told me that they have a strict illegal immigrant policy - At least 50% of their staff must be illegal immigrants. Then I saw a guy throw buckets of jalapeños on the windows and squeegee the jalapeños and the jalapeno juice off. The guy said they do this every night at closing on the days that I don’t wash the windows.

The End

Did they have any music playing?

stop eating shrooms

Nope, No music.

Find a new deli.

I looked it up in the dream book, it said: -

Any % calibration in a dream shows that you are considering moving in the area that you live in. Foreign workers in your dream indicates you are frightened of the impact of someone taking your work long term. Jalapeños in a dream mean that you are considering a large outlay on a piece of equipment. Throwing them - specifically against a window indicates a need to wipe out any form of competitive intrusion in the area you reside. The frequency shows how important an issue this is to you.

Eating jalapeños & French Brie before bedtime can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night & throw yourself at windows.

// Meaning of Dreams - YouTube

Nice interpretation but in this case, my dream was just the culmination of many thoughts, perceptions, and experiences from the previous week manifesting themselves in a dream while being organized by my brain.

The illegal immigrants policy I believe came from listening to a NPR program about illegal immigrants joining unions in the construction industry combined with my experiences at the deli in the dream. My experiences being trying to talk to one of the employees that busses the tables who can’t speak english and listening to some hispanic music they have playing in the mornings while I clean the windows before they open.

The Jalapenos in buckets I believe partially came from the chips I ate before bed and partially from the thoughts about ‘if i hire an employee, will I get another pickle bucket with pocket organizer like the one I have now.’ About the chips, I was savoring the flavor and after reading the ingredients I thought ‘hmm, never new there was such thing as Jalapeno powder’ and then I contemplated the taste if they had less Cayenne (give a hot bite to the chips but no desirable flavor) more habanero and a little garlic salt. I got the pickle bucket at a place i used to work at and one of my memories about the bucket it all the pickle juice inside that I had to reach into to get the pickles out and the smell of it. I had that smell in my car for 2 weeks when I first started using the bucket to carry my equipment around. In my dream, I wondered why i didn’t smell the juice on the days that I cleaned the windows.

There may be something to ‘throwing them on the windows’.

What’s French Brie?

It was tongue-in-cheek, but I’m glad you figured it out!

French Brie is a type of cheese, loved over in Yurup & is heart attack material.

That guy spoke soooooooo sloooooooowwwwww. I couldn’t make it through 30 seconds. I have the MTV generation attention span. Give me rapid fire information and if you throw in an explosion or three it will really drive the point home.

Niether could I :smiley: