Weird Spots

I did a bid on a job for a one story office building. The windows have the usual grime and dirt with some heavy water spots. What I’m not sure how to tackle is a strange discoloration. There are rainbow colored streaks that run down the windows in some spots. It seems that they may orginate at a spot where the sealant at the top of the window is no longer in tact and the steel header is exposed. Is there anything I can do to take it off?

After tackling the grime and hard water spots I’d try some Oil-Flo on the strange streaks. They could be some kind of cutting oil from the steel.

Could be building run off and if it is the possibilities of what caused the stain are vast. Check out this link and see if it looks similar to that:

If you are a rookie I would not suggest to you that you just break out a bottle of 550 and start slopping it on glass though.

Perhaps if the panes a IG units it is a leaky seal that is corroding the interior side of the glass. I would suggest you try some Safe Restore if scrubbing normally doesn’t work. And try not to make any guarantees to the customer regarding stain removal.

Welcome to WCR by the way, I see you are from New Jersey, do you know Chris and Alex?

Thanks for the welcome. I don’t know Chris or Alex. I operate a blind cleaning business in New Jersey and have become a window washer out of necessity. I joined WCR to make sure I’m doing so in the most professional way possible.

Welcome Shadycharacter

Welcome Shadycharacter