Weird time of year

OK guys and gals. Fall is the best time of yr for me. Love the change of seasons. OK here is the problem… How do you dress for this time of yr. Cool mornings nice afternoons. Or even the other way around. LOL Is shorts season gone for now or do you wear the shorts as long as you can . I find it is almost impossible to dress for this time of yr. You try and dress for the weather outside… but then you go into theses business that already have the heat on 90 and you sweat worse than you do in the summer… I am just looking for some responses for this time. no right or wrong answer here
I would like to see if others have this issue or am I just weird … :smiley:

I wear shorts until my knees can’t take it any more - usually end of November I swap over.

I wear shorts year-round. We do receive alot of rain and 5-10 snow days.

Jeans and a t-shirt. Hoodie in the morning and evening.
I get sick of wearing shorts by mid september.

Does your girlfriend prefer that you wear shorts or jeans?

Layer your clothing.

Does your girlfriend prefer you in designer jeans or Levi’s?

I usually end up carrying half the clothes I was wearing when I come home in the afternoons.

I guess layering is all anyone can do during the transitional seasons. Early spring is quite similar I find here in Toronto.

Layering for me also. Some days it starts out warm enough for me to still wear shorts. But that is quickly disapearing. Did work in a small job shop in the 80’s and we had a freak warm day at the beggining of Feb and one guy wore shorts. :eek:

in Fl, it’s shorts all year around and a t-shirt…bring a light jacket incase around December/January :slight_smile:

ahhh…i love florida

Super Man Cape, Bat Man belt, boat shoes and a thong.

Living in Fl causes the blood to thin. What used to feel like normal cool weather is now, to me, coooold. so the mornings can involve a tuff choice…jeans? Shorts…Jeshorts?

I toss a sweater in the truck to don on those child morns, and remove it often by 9 AM.

I went to Illy in December last year…I have no words to describe the 18* afternoon… But plenty to use for describing the thong. Want me too? :slight_smile:


mid 80s gym shorts with grey sweats underneath… shes odd.

A head band too, right?

I thought that would be assumed Seth… oh oh and wrist bands… and huge aviators.

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your video is no more… :frowning:

Wierd - its works from source.