Welcome back special offer

i have a list of customers that i did not hear from in 2008. now, i realize i could have been more proactive and avoided this, but obviously i wasn’t…hind sight.
anyway i am putting this list together to start calling them. i would like to entice them w/ some type of ‘we missed you’ or a ‘welcome back’ special offer/discount.
has anybody done this before?
looking for some advice/opinions/help!

Well, a “welcome back” would not be correct. You would be saying please [B]come [/B]back

If you are trying to get some work in the “off months”, I say contact them with a special.

You say they did not come back this year. It is vital you call the entire list 2 times per year (spring/fall) and hopefully send a few letters/emails with other things like referral fishing or additional services… heck, even a “how have you been”.

Keep in touch (it sounds like you realize this now)

If you just have not heard from them this year, I would just contact them with a special. I actually customize specials for each client (taking in account the type of job and ease/speed for which I can get it done.) and it works pretty well on both sides. Like I mentioned in another post, “off-season” specials usually do not come back to haunt me later as I am able to justify why the deal is on now.

I just mailed a “letter from Santa” that I put on nice themed stationary and got a few customers to call I have not heard from in a couple years. (the letter went to most of my customers- with a Christmas time offer)

The great thing is I came up with another way to contact them so they do not forget about me. It is a win-win for me.

Good thing I did not take them off of my list!

well, that was winded. Hopefully I had a answer in there somewhere :rolleyes:

thank you. and you are right on so many points.
it’s not a welcome back…it is a please come back.
also yes i am suppose to call the customers every 3 months. i did send out a “christmas themed” letter in october to drum up more business for november and december. and i only mailed out 54, received 4 jobs. this was to new customers not existing though.
here’s what i tend to do. when i am swamped with work, i don’t call the customers, i don’t mail out letters…i don’t.
so now when i am trying desperately to get business during the off-season i am kicking myself in the ass. i know better, and it’s extremely frustrating!
thanks for the advice…
keep it coming.

Here are some possible headlines you could use, for the letter:

[B][INDENT]Confessions of a Swamped Window Cleaner

Ooops. I really blew it!

Wow, has it been [I]that [/I]long?[/INDENT][/B]

And then, write a little story below about how crazy busy you’ve been and how sorry you are that somehow, along the way, you forgot to drop them a line, and give them a chance to use your services before 2009 arrives.

And them give them some kind of “I owe you one” special, like Paul said, and don’t forget a deadline!

“It is vital you call the entire list 2 times per year”

This is a good idea and this is how I do it. I use microsoft outlook to manage my contacts, calendar, tasks etc. Every time I do a house I set up a reminder to call or E-Mail them in 6 months to a year depending on the frequency that they prefer. I ask them if they would like a reminder call so that I don’t feel like I am harrassing any one.
If they say yes great get them on the schedule and if they say no ask them when it would be a good time to call again. Try not to leave messages if you can help it.

thats great. thank you!

you know i did do that in 2005-2006 using microsoft outlook/calendar. then in january of 2007 i had a huge computer problem. i lost my entire customer database. (no i didn’t have back-up…yes i do now). so all i have now is a paper trail. much more tedious and trying!
good advice maybe i should look into doing that again.

Life is about relationships, but for a business it is life or death.

Can we maintain a friendship, romance or much else with 1 or 2 (enter contact device) a year? Same in business.

I have customers that love getting my calls and little kooky letters and emails. I am near certain no other business talks to them like that… if at all.


I may be asking my hotels out for a date, some beers and a movie.

(I am just not ready for anything more though)

hi, kevin.
would you recommend a phone call vs. a mailing?
obviously it would be quicker and quicker turn around to call.

I hope you don’t mind, but I’ll tell ya what I think.

Depending on the amout of stagnate customers and time you have, CALL THEM! You will have a higher percentage of sign-ups live (unless your service turned them off in the first place)

3 years ago I sent my regular customers their spring cleaning reminder and got around 40% to call (over a period of a month) Last 2 years I have been calling and I book 80% in a couple days. Huge difference IMHO

Yeah, I agree with Paul.

Calling is better than mailing.

What’s even better than calling: Mail first, then call a few days later, to follow up.